Visit a Veterinarian in South Coast for Pet Allergy Treatments

seasonal pet allergies in New BedfordThe majority of people immediately conjure up images of allergic responses in humans when they think of pets and allergies. However, much like people, dogs can develop allergies, and many of these allergies are related to local environmental factors and seasonal weather variations. You might be shocked to learn that while cats and dogs do sneeze as an automatic reaction to an allergen, similar to how people do, their allergy symptoms are slightly different. Dogs and cats with hot patches and dry skin may both be symptoms of seasonal allergies. If pet owners in New Bedford observe their animals biting or scratching themselves more frequently than normal, they should call their dependable veterinarian in South Coast. A secondary infection brought on by all the biting or scratching might show up as inflamed or puffy skin. It is important to discover the root of itchy skin, whether it is just dry skin, an allergy, or a parasite.

Seasonal Allergies in Massachusetts

Many of the same allergens that people are allergic to can cause seasonal allergies in our cats and dogs. This can include irritants present in their particular habitat, such as grass, pollen, and mold spores. Compared to wild animals, domesticated animals are more likely to acquire allergies. Many think that this is because their immune systems have been damaged by living indoors with humans for hundreds of years. Whatever the source, your pet may display a variety of symptoms that indicate they are experiencing allergies. The most common allergy symptoms are coughing, sneezing, wheezing, and dry, itchy skin, however there may be more. As many of these symptoms can also be indicators of more serious health conditions, such as asthma and upper respiratory infections, it is imperative to bring your pet in for a checkup rather than presuming their problems are caused by allergies.

The scratching we observe in dry-skinned dogs or cats might potentially result in worse issues. Open sores, infections, hot spots, shedding, and baldness are all things to be concerned about. Your pet’s South Coast veterinarian can assist diagnose allergies, offer treatment choices, and suggest preventative measures to keep your pet’s allergies under control. We can provide seasonal pets in New Bedford to assist you maintain your pet’s health and safety if allergies are not the cause of the issue and something else is going on with your pet. Flea bites, flea dirt, and other common parasites, such as ticks, can also cause dry skin or excessive scratching in dogs and cats. If the cause is not immediately evident upon examination, your veterinarian may need to perform an intradermal skin test to identify the allergens involved.

Pet Allergy Treatments at Home

It is crucial to understand that you shouldn’t treat your pet’s allergies with an over-the-counter drug made for people. The health of your pet may be seriously endangered by several of these items. Some New Bedford vets advise pet owners to give their cat or dog Benadryl or other antihistamines, as well as medicines for infections and treatments for hot areas. Never administer these drugs on your own. Always ask your South Coast veterinarian for advice and the precise dose instructions. If you dose your pet with any of these medications, you can end up doing more damage than good because they only act on specific allergen kinds. However, there are other things you can do that are both safe and useful to help your cat more comfortable throughout allergy season.

Calming baths with oats and other natural elements are used in several cat and dog shampoo compositions, which can aid to soothe skin irritations. There are also specific shampoos for allergies that have been shown to work. Even though many pets dislike getting showers, they could be more willing to cooperate once they discover how relaxing the shampoo is. For many pets, allergies directly cause the need for ear cleaning. With the use of mild wipes to keep your pet’s ears clear of allergies, ear infections can be avoided. After you’ve determined what aggravates your pet’s allergies, try to keep them away from it as much as you can. If grasses are the issue, think about switching to artificial grass in your garden or stay away from places with a lot of grass. Additionally, before bringing your pet inside, clean their feet with a safe damp wipe to eliminate pollen, grass, and other allergens.

Help for New Bedford Pet Owners

Whenever a pet owner in New Bedford suspects a problem with their dog or cat, they should make an appointment with their dependable veterinarian in South Coast. For help with common problems including immunizations, parasite prevention, dry skin in dogs and cats, seasonal allergies, and more, get in touch with Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth. Schedule an appointment or speak with a member of our pleasant and professional veterinary staff in New Bedford by calling 508-996-3731.