Veterinary Clinic Dartmouth: Pets Help Us Live Better Lives

better-livesWhen people adopt a pet, they often think that they are the ones that are simply doing a favor for the animal; rescuing them from a shelter, an overcrowded pet store or from a person who can no longer keep the pet themselves. While this is true and pets appreciate being adopted and brought into a loving family, humans also benefit from making these animals a part of our lives. A recent scientific study was published that revealed several different ways that pets make a difference in the lives of the people who adopt them.

Bringing your pet to the local Anchor veterinary clinic in Dartmouth can help them to live a long and happy life. Taking advantage of all the opportunities that this Southeastern Massachusetts emergency vet has to offer, such as dental care for pets, regular vet check-ups and a fully staffed, equipped and capable emergency vet hospital, provides you with all of the care your pet will ever need throughout his or her lifetime. Give Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth a call today to make an appointment or find out about our services!

Stress Reducers
Imagine that you had a hard day at the office. The stress that we feel from our daily lives out in the world can be easily carried home with us and into our off time. If we are unable to reduce that stress, it can build and grow out of control. Pets help us to reduce our stress by loving us no matter what. In fact, some studies show that pets can lower stress in humans to an even greater degree than spouses, kids and friends. The simple fact that pets don’t judge and have unconditional love for us even after we’ve made mistakes or had a difficult day is enough to lift us out of our stressful funk and get us on a healthier path.

Improve Your Physical Health
Many people lost pets as children due to allergies. Back in the day, doctors would recommend removing the pet from the home when a person showed signs of allergy. However, today’s doctors know that having a furry pet living in your home can actually decrease the risk associated with developing animal allergies throughout your lifetime. One study showed a 50 percent decrease in the likelihood of allergy development in young adults who grew up with a furry pet in their home as children. Some doctors even advocate getting a cat or a dog for people who have allergy issues already, to build up an immunity so they won’t be as affected when they come in contact with pets at the homes of friends or relatives who also have pets.

No Longer Lonely
Humans need contact with other humans. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible. This is especially true of singles, shy people or seniors who have lost a spouse or companion. Animals can be a huge help in this area. Your local veterinary clinic in Dartmouth has seen this first hand. Studies have shown that people who have dogs to care for and love them right back are just as fulfilled socially as people who have a circle of human friends. Dogs add meaning and purpose to a person’s existence, requiring feeding, care, trips to the emergency vet hospital for check-ups, regular walks or other types of exercise. They encourage us to get up, get out and get moving no matter how lonely, depressed or alone we might feel.

Feel Better About Yourself
With all of the negative things in the world, your pet is like a ray of positive sunshine. Studies show that pets help people to feel better about themselves, boosting self-esteem and making them less fearful or introverted than folks who don’t have pets at home. This can help you in many areas of your life, assisting you in feeling more comfortable throughout life in-general, encouraging you to make friends, do well in school, be bolder in the workplace and stand up for yourself if the need ever should arise. Pets not only make people feel better about themselves, but about the rest of the world as well!

Psychological Support
Many pet owners have reported the psychological support that they receive from their pets. When they are happy, their pets celebrate with them. When they are sad, most pets will come over and snuggle or give kisses to cheer them up. When they are sick, many pets will lie with their people and comfort them. They are a huge source of psychological support to us when we need them and welcome our support right back, allowing us to feel useful and needed, fulfilling yet another human need.

Pets Encourage Us to Take Care
In addition to having actual physical and psychological health benefits, being a pet parent has been proven to make people want to take better care of themselves so they can be there for Fluffy or Fido. While cats are usually content to lie around all day until their food dish is empty, dogs are a big more demanding. The fact that this little furry thing counts on you for food, water and even dental care for pets can help people want to get up off the couch and become more active. Taking care of our health becomes more important when we know that someone is counting on us to be there for them. We eat better, we become more active and we take care of ourselves and our homes. Pets encourage us to be better humans and to take better care of our health and lives.

Take Care of the One Who Cares for You
It is more important than ever before to make sure that you take your furry friend to the local veterinary clinic in Dartmouth to receive regular check-ups and dental care for pets. Anchor Animal emergency veterinary hospital has been providing care for South Coast pets and their owners since 1975. Our team of veterinary specialists can help you with everything from vaccinations and well-check appointments to surgeries, treatments and other essential services. As a Southeastern Massachusetts emergency vet, we specialize in helping our patients address local issues and needs to provide comprehensive care for a wide variety of animals, including cats, dogs, reptiles, pocket pets and more. Give us a call at 508-996-3731 to make an appointment or to find out more about our range of services.