Veterinary Acupuncture and Laser Treatments Available in Southeastern Massachusetts

acupuncture-laserThe demand for alternative treatment options for pets is on the rise in the United States. Pet owners in Southeastern Massachusetts and all across the country are searching for new ways to treat illnesses, disease and manage pain for their pets, especially in situations where prescription medication and surgery have failed or are not an option. Veterinary acupuncture and laser treatments are becoming very popular at clinics and animal hospitals in the United States and they are now even available to patients at Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth.

What Is Veterinary Acupuncture?
Since the early 1970s, veterinary acupuncture has been used in the United States to treat a number of conditions. The demand for this treatment option became very popular in the 1990s and has continued to grow even today. Primarily used in cases where functional problems are an issue, such as pain, paralysis and non-infectious inflammation, acupuncture has been very successful in the world of veterinary medicine.

Small animals, such as cats, small dog breeds, rabbits and other typical household pets, are now receiving veterinary acupuncture treatment for conditions such as arthritis, lick granuloma, diarrhea, feline asthma, hip dysplasia and even certain reproductive issues. Larger animals, including farm animals, large breed dogs and other domesticated animals, have benefited from veterinary acupuncture as well.

It has been successful in the treatment of allergic dermatitis, respiratory problems, facial nerve paralysis, non-surgical colic, reproductive disorders and downer cow syndrome. Most recently, it has also been used for competitive animals, including show and racing animals, as well as exotic animals, such as alligators and other large reptiles.

What Is Veterinary Laser Treatment?
Laser treatments are done using a machine that emits a wavelength of light at various frequencies, delivering energy to a specific site of injury or tissue area. There are many different uses for laser treatment in veterinary medicine. It is used in a similar manner to acupuncture with light being focused at target spots in the way that needles would be placed. Many different types of animals of various ages, sizes and breeds can benefit from this type of therapy. In some cases it can even reduce the need for pain medication, particularly in patients experiencing chronic pain or arthritis inflammation.

Similar to veterinary acupuncture, laser treatments first began being used in veterinary medicine in the 1970s. Other treatments that can be applied include wounds, back pain, soft tissue injuries, kidney issues and many other diseases common to domesticated animals. Laser treatments are used to help speed cell growth and tissue repair by penetrating the tissue to speed up repair of tendons and ligaments. It is also used to improve vascular activity, speeding healing, helping wounds to close faster and reduce scarring in damaged tissue.

Laser treatments have also proven to be successful in improving nerve function, stimulating acupuncture points for musculoskeletal pain relief, decreasing inflammation and affecting nerve cells to block pain sensation without prescription medication. Specific conditions that benefit from veterinary laser treatments include ulcers, burns, scar tissue, arthritis, myofascial pain, poorly healing wounds, digestive irregularities, neurological pain problems, immunological disorders, spinal cord injuries, sprains, contusions, tendonitis, muscle tears and reproductive disorders.

Treatments Available at Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth

Pet owners who live in the Southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island area can now bring their animals in for specialized treatment for a wide variety of illnesses, diseases and conditions through professional veterinary acupuncture and laser treatments at Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth. Dr. Kate Pietsch performs these treatments in-house, providing new treatment options to pets and their owners.

Contact Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth for more information about veterinary acupuncture and laser treatments, as well as traditional veterinary exams, vaccinations and other services or to set up an appointment. Since 1975, Anchor Animal Hospital has been providing quality veterinary services to dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents and pocket pets in the Southeastern Massachusetts region.