Vet Care for Cats & Dogs in Freetown: Emergency Pet Services

Freetown Emergency Vet Services in Southeastern MassachusettsPet owners will often spend a lot of time researching local veterinarians before they finally make a choice. When you find a trusted animal hospital in Dartmouth of anywhere else in the Greater Freetown area, you can rest easy. It is important to know that your pet is receiving quality care to prevent disease and take care of essential vaccinations. However, it is also important to prepare for an emergency. Emergencies happen every day. Your pet could become injured in an accident or suddenly become sick without warning. You need to find a local emergency veterinary hospital that you can trust for immediate vet care for cats and dogs.

Where to Go Near Freetown

If you live in the Greater Freetown area and need a trusted vet that you can count on, consider Anchor Animal Hospital. We have provided quality care in the Southeastern Massachusetts area since 1975. We serve as a local Dartmouth emergency vet, and we also offer a broad range of veterinary services, check-ups, treatments, and care. To ensure our ability to provide emergency services, we have all of the necessary equipment, laboratory, X-ray, and ultrasound on-site. We have a full surgery and pain management operation available for emergency situations.

In addition to all of the equipment and highly trained staff, we also have other options to support our patients’ needs. An in-house pharmacy and capabilities for advanced dentistry and alternative healing treatments are also extremely beneficial to our patients. We also work with two 24-hour emergency veterinary centers that our patients can use after hours for the same quality of care. We provide services to pet patients from all over the South Coast region, including Rhode Island and Cape Cod. We are proud to have a solid reputation for providing quality vet care for cats and dogs, as well as for other small mammals and pets.

Planning for an Emergency

The best way to respond quickly is to have all of the information you need for an emergency before one occurs. Get all of the phone numbers ready for your chosen emergency veterinary hospital. Keep the numbers in your cell phone, posted on the refrigerator at home, and add an extra list to your pet first-aid kit just in case. Include your regular animal hospital in Dartmouth for annual check-ups and vaccinations. This information could be beneficial if you need to visit another emergency veterinary hospital after hours. They can contact your local Dartmouth emergency vet to get essential information about your pet’s history and health.

Know where you need to go. Take a drive to the local animal hospital in Dartmouth so you will be familiar with the area. In an emergency, we are often more focused on our pet than following directions, so it pays to know where you need to be. The same holds true for the after hours 24-hour emergency centers that your Dartmouth emergency vet uses. Take a drive to their locations so you will know it well in case of an injury or illness. It is important to work with an emergency veterinary hospital that is recommended by your regular veterinarian. This ensures that the emergency staff will communicate effectively with your regular vet, sharing information and insight into your pet’s condition. It can be very crucial to after-care services and ongoing support.

Things to Remember in an Emergency

Emergency situations can be stressful, but there are a few things that you can do to make it a lot easier for everyone. Try to stay calm. The calmer you can be, the easier it will be to provide complete veterinary information to the Dartmouth emergency vet for treatment. Keep an updated medical record for your pet and bring it with you. This can help the emergency veterinary hospital provide complete care, especially if there is a pre-existing condition. Make sure you can answer key questions, such as how long the pet has been sick, when and how they were injured, or any home treatments that were tried.

Try to be patient when you arrive at the animal hospital in Dartmouth. It can take awhile for your pet to be examined and even longer for results to be provided. Vet care for cats and dogs can include X-rays, ultrasounds, blood tests, fecal tests, and other testing procedures. It can take time to ensure a proper diagnosis and provide a treatment plan. Have your pet insurance card handy, as well as any other means of paying for services. Part of your prevention preparation should be to keep an emergency fund ready for your pet, just as you would for your children. You don’t want to increase the stress of the situation by not having the means to pay for the required services.

Contact Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth by calling 508-996-3731. We can help Freetown pet owners create a plan to provide quality vet care for cats and dogs. Whether you need a regular check-up or require emergency veterinary hospital services, we can help you get the treatment you need.