Tips for Westport Pet Owners to Find a Good Veterinary Clinic

Best Veterinary Clinic for Westport Pet OwnersWhen it comes to providing care for pets, Westport pet owners should carefully select the best veterinary clinic in Dartmouth for best results. You don’t want to just choose “any clinic” from the phone book, take time to check out your options, get referrals from friends and neighbors, and contact the clinic prior to your pet’s veterinary check-up to ask any questions that you might have about your unique needs. Your veterinarian should treat you and your pet as an individual and provide you with quality care and services designed specifically for your pet. While most veterinary clinics will see dogs and cats, if you have an exotic pet or a pocket pet, such as a hamster, gerbil, or chinchilla, make sure to ask ahead of time to find out if the clinic offers services for that species.

What Type of Care is Offered?

The first thing you will want to ask is about the type of care that is offered at the clinic. Will they only do a veterinary check-up or are there options for specialized services, such as ultrasound, pain management, advanced dentistry and do they also act as an emergency veterinary hospital for accidents and trauma situations. If your pet has unique needs, such as a healthcare situation that requires specific treatment, make sure it is offered at the veterinary clinic in Dartmouth. At Anchor Animal Hospital, you can expect to receive personalized and professional attention from our entire veterinary staff, combined with the latest techniques and technology to ensure high-quality medicine, surgery, and preventive veterinary services for your pet.

Since 1975, Anchor Animal Hospital has provided local pet owners and their pets with a high standard of excellence, which has earned us an accreditation from the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) since 1980. Statistics reveal that only 15 percent of veterinary hospitals are able to maintain this accreditation, which involves regular reviews and inspections. Our team has completed training, has many years of experience and has received certification in the latest veterinary techniques, including advanced dentistry, in-house x-rays and contrast study services for over 40 years, in-house ultrasound for more than 20 years, pain management for acute and chronic pain, and many other areas of expertise. Visit our website to read more about our veterinary doctors and staff, as well as the services that we offer.

Schedule a Veterinary Check-Up

The best way to get started with a new veterinary clinic in Dartmouth is to schedule an appointment. Westport pet owners can come in, get a basic check-up for their pet, and spend some time asking questions directly to the veterinarian on duty. We can answer any questions that you might have about the services, technology, techniques, and approach that we provide to veterinary medicine. A quick visit to Anchor Animal Hospital can offer you a view of what you can expect in the way of treatment and services. You can experience our waiting room with your pet, meet with our front desk staff, and learn all about the services that we offer at our clinic.

If you have questions about our emergency veterinary hospital, including hours and urgent care services that are offered, we can help you there, too. Bring your dog, cat, exotic, or pocket pet into our office and get started on the road to healthy veterinary care and treatment. We can even make suggestions regarding diet and nutrition, as well as activities, exercise, and other essential pet care issues. Create a list of questions and bring it with you to the veterinary check-up. We will do our best to answer all of your questions and provide you with the services that you require. Need preventive treatment for fleas and ticks? Have concerns about your pet’s diet and exercise? Are you concerned about behavioral issues or possible health conditions? We can help you in all of these areas and more.

Contact Anchor Animal Hospital to schedule a veterinary check-up or learn more about our emergency veterinary hospital and veterinary clinic in Dartmouth. We have proudly served Fall River, New Bedford, Dartmouth, and Westport pet owners, as well as pet owners throughout the Southcoast region, including Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts, and Cape Cod, since 1975. Give us a call at 508-996-3731 to speak with one of our veterinary team members or to schedule your first appointment with our staff.