Tips for New Bedford Pet Owners: Grooming for Cats and Dogs

grooming cats and dogs in New BedfordKeeping your pets clean and smelling good is nice for everyone in the household, but it can also contribute significantly to your pet’s overall health. While some people might think that pet grooming for cats and dogs is one of those bougie services that only people with too much time or money do, it is definitely something that can prevent disease and discomfort throughout your pet’s life. When you speak with your South Coast veterinarian about grooming tips for your particular pet, make sure to inquire about other things you can do to increase their health and happiness. In addition to an annual veterinary check-up, which might be more frequent due to age and conditions, New Bedford pet owners should schedule grooming appointments or groom their pets at home at least once a month.

A Mini Check-Up

One of the ways that grooming for cats and dogs is beneficial is that it provides a mini check-up in between your regular veterinary check-up schedule. A good groomer will notice any changes in your pet from visit to visit, including issues with their eyes, ears, and teeth. If you wash your pet at home, take time to notice these areas in particular. Any cloudiness, tearing, or redness in the eye could be an indication of more serious issues. Ears that are extremely waxy or smelly should be seen by a professional. Daily teeth brushing would be ideal, but if you can get your pet to allow you to brush their teeth two-to-three times each week, that can be highly beneficial. Speak with your South Coast veterinarian if you or your groomer spot anything that is concerning.

Trimming the Nails

Nail trimming is extremely important, especially for pets that live primarily indoors. When outside, pets scratch and run on cement, pavement, brick, and other surfaces that will naturally wear down their nails. However, if your pet is an indoor pet – even if just during the cold winter months – regular nail trimming is necessary. There are lots of methods that will help you with grooming for cats and dogs to ensure safe nail trimming at home. Long nails can actually cause arthritis in adult pets due to the nails pushing the toe bones into an unnatural and uncomfortable position. Regular nail trimming makes the job easier for you and your pet, as they will become used to the process, and you will become more comfortable in doing it.

Bathing & Shampooing

Think about how much better you feel after you get into a nice bath or shower to clean yourself up. Pets enjoy this feeling as well, even if they don’t always enjoy the process. Regular bathing should be done with products designed specifically for grooming cats and dogs. If your pet has any skin conditions or issues, New Bedford pet owners should speak with their trusted South Coast veterinarian for product recommendations at their veterinary check-up. Pets and humans have different needs when it comes to bathing products, which is why pet-specific products are required. Brush your pet first to get rid of any fur or debris to make it easier for washing. Rinse the shampoo away thoroughly, and towel or blow-dry your pet’s fur to prevent any matting from forming after bathing. This should be done at least once or twice a month, more frequently if your pet is very active or gets dirty quickly.

Check for Parasites

Another excellent benefit of regular grooming is that it provides you with the opportunity to keep an eye out for pests and parasites that may be affecting your pet’s health. Things like fleas, lice, and ticks can also be harmful to other pets and human members of your family if they come indoors. The earlier you can catch these little creatures, the less damage they will be able to do. Consider using a flea and tick prevention product and speak with your South Coast veterinarian about the best choice for your pet, considering their age, lifestyle, and other underlying conditions. Schedule a veterinary check-up with Anchor Animal Hospital by calling 508-996-3731 and make sure to ask questions about tips that you can use with grooming for cats and dogs.