Thunder, Fireworks & The 4th of July: Vet Care in Dartmouth

Fireworks and Thunder Fears in DogsDo you dread thunderstorms and fireworks holidays because of how it affects your pets? You are not alone. Studies show that pets nationwide have issues with loud noises, in particular thunderclaps and fireworks. While some cats and other types of domesticated animals can be negatively impacted, dogs are by far the largest demographic of pets affected. If you have a dog scared of loud noises or have sought out assistance with fearful behavior in dogs for other situations, you know how helpless it can make someone feel.

The best way to help your pet is through proper veterinary care in Massachusetts. If your dog becomes injured during a reaction to fireworks or thunder, make sure to visit a Dartmouth emergency vet right away for treatment. Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth has a full team of highly trained, qualified, and experienced veterinary professionals who can help your dog to be calmer during these types of situations.

Common Symptoms of Fearful Behavior in Dogs

A dog scared of loud noises or with other similar issues will often exhibit signs that include trembling, shaking, hiding, and seeking comfort. However, there are other dogs who can have what might seem like unusual reactions to their owners. Destruction, as in shredding up items in your household or tearing up an entire sofa, is not as uncommon as you might think. Other issues can include urination and excessive salivation, which can be just as puzzling if you come home to a mess after your dog has been home alone and afraid.

It is important to work with your local Dartmouth emergency vet to deal with this type of fearful behavior in dogs. Not only can it make a mess of your home, but it can also be quite painful and upsetting for your pet. Some pet owners in Southeastern Massachusetts have developed their own “tricks” for getting their dog through storm season and firework holidays, such as distraction efforts, comforting and petting, or those anti-anxiety vests that they sell at the local pet store. These treatments can work to varying degrees, depending on the pet and the level of their aversion to the loud noises.

Keep Pets Indoors for Safety

If you have a dog scared of loud noises, make sure to keep them indoors on days when fireworks are common. This can include the 4th of July, local community celebrations, New Year’s, and other holidays. Keeping them indoors will help to prevent them from running off after being exposed to the loud sounds. White noise and distraction can be helpful, such as turning on the television, a radio, or even using a white noise machine. If possible, going away to a quieter location might be better. If you live near the town square where the fireworks will occur, go to the countryside or to visit a friend on the other side of town. Still keep your pet indoors, leashed, and safe, just in case a random firework goes off.

During storm season this can be difficult, especially if your dog has a big reaction to thunderclaps. In this type of situation, veterinary care in Massachusetts can be very helpful. There are certain medications that have been proven to be beneficial, but they must be prescribed by your veterinarian. If your bet has extreme symptoms, such as destructive behavior or urination, you will want to seek assistance. Over-the-counter options are available, but they won’t be as effective. Before you start trying out a bunch of expensive remedies, seek the counsel of your trusted Dartmouth emergency vet team at Anchor Animal Hospital. A veterinarian can provide you with the information and support you need to get through the storms and fireworks this summer.

Tips for This Summer

If you have experienced fearful behavior in dogs, make sure that your pet can’t get outdoors as a reaction to their fear. Just in case, make sure they have a collar with proper identification on it so they can be returned to you. Speak with your Dartmouth emergency vet about microchipping as a secondary means of identification. Never leave your pet unattended during fireworks or storms – make sure an adult is at home with them if you have to go away during this time. Speak with your local clinic for professional advice and veterinary care in Massachusetts if you have a dog scared of loud noises. If your dog becomes injured in any way during this time, seek veterinary assistance right away.

To schedule an appointment for veterinary care in Massachusetts at Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth, give us a call at 508-996-3731 and speak with one of our team members. We can answer any questions that you might have about our services and provide you with contact information for after-hours veterinary care.