The Dog Days of Summer at Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth

dog days of summerTreating your animal companions as you would want to be treated is one of the top summer pet care advices for New Bedford. Even if they want to go for a stroll in the afternoon on a hot day, don’t. Would you walk barefoot on hot pavement? Even with protective booties and other covers, which some pet owners employ, summer temperatures are frequently too hot for going outside during the day. Walking in the early morning hours is possible, but only if the pavement is not already too warm. Asphalt and concrete can stay warm even first thing in the morning during a heatwave because the ambient overnight temperature might remain high. For further advice on how to keep your canine companions safe, content, and healthy in the summer on hot pavement, schedule a veterinary check-up at Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth.

Do What’s Best for New Bedford Pets

The likelihood is high that our dogs would prefer to go with us at all times over staying at home in the air conditioning if we were to ask them. It doesn’t matter if it’s the hottest summer or the coldest winter; this is true. So be careful to be firm but kind when telling your dog no the next time you pick up the keys and he starts to wag his tail. It is preferable to leave your dogs within at this time of year than outside where they might burn their paws or become ill from heat exhaustion. Pets are now prohibited from being kept in automobiles at grocery shops and shopping malls under several state regulations. It might be dangerous for humans as well as animals, especially if the dog manages to shift a car that is already moving.

To prevent your pet from feeling left out, spend more time with them before or after your errands, but the summer is the perfect time to enforce your rule and keep them indoors. Find additional activities to do with your pet during the season, such as setting up a pet-safe pool, letting them play in the sprinklers, or lounging in the shade in the backyard. Consider creating a shady space in your backyard if there isn’t already one using planters, bushes, or a covering. When your pet goes outside to use the restroom, the ground can become very warm even in the grass. Since summertime should be used sparingly for outside exercise, it is a good idea to buy new toys or design indoor obstacle courses for your pet to play with.

Avoid Emergency Vet Services This Summer!

If you want to make sure your pet has a full bowl of cold water that is clear of debris throughout the summer, think about a self-watering bowl or keep an eye on their bowl. Dogs with thick or heavy coats should see the groomer so they may have a mild trim. Never completely remove your dog’s fur since this might lead to a sunburn; but, a small trim may help them stay cool on the warmest summer days. Check the temperature of the coastline and sand before bringing your pet to a lake or beach. Never let your dog or other pet walk on a surface that you wouldn’t use yourself. Once again, create your own shade if none is available, and think about carrying a tent with you so that you and your pet can stay cool during the day.

Apply pet-safe sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 45 on your pet’s belly, ears, and nose to prevent sunburn. These are the locations that need to be safeguarded since they are more susceptible to fire than others. Summertime hazards include more than just hot pavement. Days that are humid can be dangerous and raise the possibility of getting heat exhaustion. When possible, walk on the grass, and never leave your pet unattended. Recognize the symptoms of heat exhaustion so you can determine whether your pet needs to be treated right away at Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth. If you fear heat exhaustion in Massachusetts, don’t wait for a scheduled visit; instead, get straight to an emergency veterinarian. If you have any immediate worries regarding your pet, you may always call our staff at 508-999-3636 and ask to speak with a team member.