The Best Way to Love Our Pets: Veterinary Care in Massachusetts

vet care in MassachusettsThe number one reason why pet owners adopt a pet in the first place is companionship. Adults, children, seniors, families – we all benefit in many ways from having pets in our lives. The best way to love our pets is to provide them with quality veterinary care in Massachusetts. Vet care for cats and dogs is essential, as they age six to seven times faster than humans, meaning that they benefit from annual check-ups even more than we do. Your local Dartmouth vet hospital can provide you with a check-up, vaccination, and preventive treatment schedule that you can use to provide the best possible care for your pet. Different breeds, species, and ages of pets can require different types of care. While your pet might have only needed an annual check-up when they were young, as they get older, your vet might suggest more frequent visits, especially if they have any conditions that require monitoring.

High-Quality Veterinary Care

Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth has earned a solid reputation for providing high-quality care in Massachusetts. Since 1975, our family-owned and operated veterinary hospital has served pets and their owners throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We are dedicated to delivering the very best vet care for cats and dogs, rabbits and rodents, ferrets, and all varieties of pocket pets. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of veterinary knowledge, techniques, and technology to ensure the best possible services for veterinary medicine, surgery, routine preventive care, and emergency veterinary treatments.

Since 1980, we have maintained accreditation by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), and our doctors attend national conferences on a routine basis to bring the latest knowledge to our patients right here in the South Coast area. This accreditation is only maintained by approximately 15 percent of veterinary hospitals and involves regular reviews to ensure that high standards are met. As a member of the Anchor Family, you can expect to receive personalized and professional attention to provide the best care for your pet. We offer a wide range of services in-house, including preventive dentistry and advanced dentistry services, x-rays and ultrasound, pain management, surgery and anesthesia, on-site laboratory services, parasite prevention and control, and pet nutrition.

Vet Care for Cats and Dogs

While we do provide care for rabbits, rodents, and pocket pets at our facility, the bulk of our clients include delivering quality vet care for cats and dogs. It all starts with new pet care; whether you adopt a brand new puppy, kitten, or an older pet, you should begin your new relationship by bringing them to your local Dartmouth vet hospital for a check-up. Even when adopting from a shelter or reputable breeder who has provided you with paperwork regarding vaccinations, testing, and other preventive services, it’s a good idea to get a baseline with your own trusted vet. We can take a look at all of the paperwork you received during the adoption and create a schedule for future check-ups, vaccinations, and preventive treatments to help keep your pet healthy and strong.

Veterinary care in Massachusetts should be mostly about preventing things from happening in the first place. Preventive care can include vaccinations against required diseases like rabies, parvovirus, Feline HIV, and distemper, but also for regional issues like fleas and ticks. Ongoing care for adult dogs can include check-ups regarding nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and behavior, as well as any conditions that they might have been diagnosed with during their lifetime. Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth has a lot of excellent programs designed to combat common issues like obesity, arthritis, dental disease, and other chronic issues to get your pet feeling good and being healthy again.

Ongoing Care and Training

We believe strongly in education and freely share knowledge with our clients so they can provide care and training to their pets. Vet care for cats and dogs, as well as other popular pets, should include a variety of services for comprehensive veterinary care in Massachusetts. The more you can learn about the things that your pet needs to thrive, the easier it will be to provide them with better care. This is the best way to show your pets that you love them and ensure that they live a long and healthy life with you and your family. To schedule an appointment for veterinary services at Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth, give us a call at 508-996-3731. We can answer any questions you might have about our Dartmouth vet hospital or provide more information about our services.