Telemedicine Veterinary Care & Services in Dartmouth for Pets

telemedicine veterinary care in dartmouthLike many other businesses and services in the South Coast area, Anchor Animal Hospital has had to make changes to the way that we serve our customers. It is important to know that vet care for cats and dogs is considered an essential service and will continue to be open to provide sick care appointments, Southeastern Massachusetts emergency vet services, and offer telemedicine veterinary care for our patients. Make sure to visit our home page to see our new hours or read about any changes made concerning the services that we are able to offer. Ensuring the health, safety, and well-being of the pets that we care for in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island is a top priority. We continue to be committed to providing quality care and services.

Telemedicine Veterinary Care

One of the ways that we are able to continue offering vet care for cats and dogs, as well as other patients that we care for at our veterinary clinic, is through telemedicine veterinary care services. Currently, all wellness appointments are being rescheduled to a later date to ensure that we are able to be available for all urgent and sick care appointments. Our office has also canceled all surgeries at this time, reserving any surgical services on a limited case-by-case basis for the benefit of all our clients. The telemedicine platform that we are using is TeleTails. We now require all of our customers to be seen through this program before having an in-hospital exam.

Some of the benefits associated with the TeleTails system include:

  • the ability to safely video conference with our veterinarians to discuss any healthcare concerns or issues regarding your pet
  • our team can review any photos or videos that you have to share to determine the severity of the issue
  • we can use the TeleTails system to take a complete history, answer any questions, and make decisions based on the information we have gathered
  • our team can, in some cases, recommend treatment or prescribe medication without your pet having to visit Anchor Animal Hospital
  • if your pet still does need to be seen, we can start the process by gathering essential information via video conference that will help us provide expedited care

TeleTriage Services for Some Patients

Veterinary practice guidelines require us to only offer telemedicine consultations to patients who have been seen in our Dartmouth animal hospital in the past 12 months. However, if you have not been to our facility in more than a year but are still a current client, we can offer a solution. A TeleTriage option allows our veterinary team to obtain a medical history and gather up-to-date information about your pet so we can evaluate their condition prior to an in-hospital exam. Unfortunately, we will not be able to give out any medical advice, make prescriptions, or offer treatment until your pet has been seen at Anchor Animal Hospital. This is for the safety and protection of your pet to ensure that they receive the best treatment possible.

Make sure to keep up with all recommended health regimens, exercise, diet, and nutrition for your pet during this time. It is more important than ever for everyone to stay healthy. You might have to adjust your routine to keep in compliance with social distancing requirements. If you cannot get your dog to the dog park for daily exercise, consider other ways to do this at home. Our pets are probably enjoying all of this extra time with us right now and can adjust to a new schedule. Keep reading our blog for more tips that can help keep your pet healthy and happy during this time – and going forward.

Other Services for Our Patients

In addition to offering sick care appointments, Southeastern Massachusetts emergency vet services, and other essential vet care for cats and dogs, Anchor Animal Hospital has established a safe, limited contact method for getting prescriptions and pet food. Our team has an express pick-up option for picking up prescriptions in a locked box outside of the hospital, as well as car-side delivery for food. Payments for prescriptions and pet food provided in this manner can be taken over the phone, online, or car-side when you arrive at our facility. We continue to work hard to find solutions that allow us to safely care for you and your pet. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our office at 508-996-3731.