Statistics Regarding Spay & Neuter in Massachusetts for Pets

massachusetts spay and neuter programOne of the best things that an animal lover can do is to consider spay and neuter in Massachusetts for their own pets. The statistics regarding the number of unwanted pets found in shelters all across the Southcoast region are staggering. However, there is hope. Many areas have established programs that support affordable spay and neuter services for pet owners to make it easier to keep our local cat and dog populations down. Westport pet owners who are interested in this type of veterinary care for pets can visit our Dartmouth emergency vet and veterinary care clinic. Spay and neuter in Massachusetts are essential to reduce the number of homeless, unwanted pets that fill up our area shelters. Contact Anchor Animal Hospital direct to learn more about costs and options to spay or neuter your pet.

What is the Best Age?

Veterinary experts agree that the best age for spaying and neutering in both cats and dogs is six months of age. This is the perfect time to prevent issues related to reaching sexual maturity, such as aggressive and marking behaviors. When female dogs are spayed before they reach their first heat cycle, it is possible to considerably decrease the risk of developing mammary cancer within their lifetime. However, both dogs and cats can also undergo spay and neuter in Massachusetts at an older age, should the pet owner decide to wait until later for any reason.

Waiting until six months of age ensures that the pet is large enough to avoid many of the complications associated with anesthesia in very small animals. Spaying and neutering can decrease or fully eliminate the risk of many life-threatening or costly diseases that can impact the lives of cats and dogs. Speak with your Dartmouth emergency vet or clinic practitioner about the best time to have your kitten or puppy undergo this procedure to determine what is right for your pet and household situation.

Veterinary Care for Pets

While most pet owners will agree that essential vaccinations, such as the rabies shot, are important to the well-being of their cat or dog, many are divided on the issue of spay and neuter in Massachusetts. However, studies show that there are many side benefits associated with this procedure that should encourage Westport pet owners and pet owners all across the Southcoast area to get it done. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider this procedure at Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth or your local trusted veterinary clinic:

  • male pets who are neutered can avoid testicular cancer and other related issues
  • female pets who are spayed can prevent uterine infections and breast cancer
  • many instances of roaming in both cats and dogs have to do with the heat cycle, either with females searching for a mate or males searching for an “in heat” female
  • behavior issues can be prevented in many neutered males, including territory marking and aggression
  • the cost for spay and neuter in Massachusetts is much less than caring for puppies and kittens or having to pay for treatments related to pets that are not “fixed”
  • reduce the number of unwanted kittens and puppies in the local area, which are often euthanized or suffer as homeless strays

Ongoing Wellness and Care

If you have questions about veterinary care for pets, make sure to contact Anchor Animal Hospital. As a local animal clinic and Dartmouth emergency vet, we see a lot of local pets and can provide you with information that you can use to make a smart decision about ongoing wellness and care. Spay and neuter in Massachusetts is a voluntary service at this time. While some communities are testing mandatory spay and neuter, there is currently no state law that requires it. However, many pet owners ultimately make the decision to get the procedure done, as there are multiple advantages associated with it for Westport pet owners and pet owners all across the Southcoast area.

Give us a call at 508-996-3731 to speak with one of our veterinary technicians or staff. We can help you schedule an appointment for an exam, discuss your options for spay and neuter, and even assist with vaccination schedules and other preventive programs. Call today and see for yourself why so many pet owners have trusted Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth since we opened our doors in 1975.