Spring Checkups for Pets: Dartmouth Vet Care for Cats & Dogs

Taking care of a pet is a year-round responsibility. However, there are seasonal pet tips that can be used to help you keep up with preventive treatments and services designed to ensure your pet stays healthy no matter what the time of year. In the northeastern states, spring means finally getting outdoors to explore local parks, hang out in the backyard, or go on road trips. If you are bringing your pet along for the fun, you might want to schedule a check-up with your South Coast veterinarian. At Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth, we offer a wide range of services to ensure professional vet care for cats and dogs and many other types of pocket pets, rodents, and domesticated animals. Contact our team to learn about the opportunities available to provide quality care for your pet.

Preventive Treatment Time

Spring is the perfect time to make sure your pet is ready for the great outdoors. Flea and tick prevention might be something that you are concerned about throughout the year, but for those who are just getting outside after the snow and ice have melted, it’s the perfect time to prevent infestations. Parasites are some of the most significant concerns for pet owners during the warmer months. Fleas, ticks, and other pests, including internal parasites and worms, heartworm, and seasonal illnesses, should be addressed by your South Coast veterinarian, particularly before outdoor activities.

Heartworms – This lesser-known parasite can cause lots of serious health issues for your pet. In some cases, heartworms can be even more dangerous than fleas and ticks. While year-round heartworm preventive care was not initially recommended for pet owners in the northeastern states, it is now something that should be considered. Prepare your pet for mosquito season and speak with your South Coast veterinarian about getting the heartworm test and treatment program.

Annual Vaccinations and Boosters

Setting your yearly clock to provide check-ups, booster shots, and other veterinary services is a great way to ensure proper vet care for cats and dogs. It’s a great routine that will help you stay on top of appointments to provide your pet with the support they need for a long and happy life. Check with your local animal hospital in Dartmouth to find out if your pet’s vaccines are up-to-date. The vaccines required for each pet will be based on the type, breed, age, and lifestyle. For example, dogs that frequently visit the dog park or go to boarding situations are more likely to be at risk for contagious diseases, such as Bordatella. Speak with your South Coast veterinarian about any concerns you might have and keep a copy of your pet’s shot records in case you need it for any reason.

Pets and Allergies

Cats and dogs can experience seasonal allergies, just as people do. You might not notice your pet sneezing or wheezing, but if they are itching, have red and irritated skin, can’t stop licking themselves, or have lost a noticeable amount of hair, they might be having an allergic reaction. Sudden exposure to grass, weeds, flowers, and pollen could be behind this outbreak. You can now monitor the local pollen count with many weather apps on your phone to try and determine whether this may be the culprit. However, it is worth a trip to the veterinarian, where you will get even more seasonal pet tips that you can use for the benefit of your beloved pet. Allergy medications, preventives, and other treatments may be prescribed. Never use medication that is intended for humans with your pet. They can be extremely dangerous and possibly fatal.

Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth

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