Specialized Veterinary Care in Dartmouth for Cats and Dogs

Specialized Veterinary Services in DartmouthPet owners from all over the South Coast area, including Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island, bring their pets to Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth for top quality services and care. In addition to regular check-ups, vaccinations, and preventive treatments, such as heartworm, flea, and tick, we also provide a wide range of other professional services to help keep your pet happy and healthy. Advanced dentistry, pain management, emergency veterinary services, pre-anesthetic blood screening, surgical, and diagnostics are just some of the ways that we provide care to our patients. Our team of highly trained, experienced, and skilled veterinary doctors and technicians stay current with all of the latest technology, methods, techniques, and trends to provide the very best veterinary services.

Veterinary Acupuncture

A variety of treatments and symptoms can be treated through veterinary acupuncture. At our veterinary clinic in Dartmouth, Dr. Kate Pietsch is a certified veterinary acupuncturist, who completed her training in 2012 at the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association. This treatment is becoming more widely used throughout veterinary medicine and involves the use of very fine needles placed in precise points to produce a response. This treatment can be used in conjunction with other treatments, including veterinary laser therapy. A certified veterinary acupuncturist can help stimulate healing for some conditions and provide effective pain relief in others.

Veterinary acupuncture can be used for pain and discomfort following surgery, for arthritis, chronic back pain, and muscle tension. It is also beneficial for gastrointestinal disorders, nerve diseases, urinary incontinence, oncology pain, and other conditions. Consider scheduling a consultation with Dr. Kate Pietsch to determine whether a visit with a certified veterinary acupuncturist could be beneficial.

Veterinary Laser Therapy

At Anchor Animal Hospital, we use Class IV lasers to help provide your pet with relief from pain. Veterinary laser therapy has also been proven to help speed up the healing process using a specific light wave technology that penetrates deep into tissues to stimulate the cells. This works to reduce pain and inflammation while increasing blood flow and encouraging the natural growth of cells for expedited healing. While still unavailable at most clinics and hospitals, veterinary laser therapy has been scientifically proven to aid in the treatment of many conditions and disorders.

Some of the ways that veterinary laser therapy can help is to relieve pain and reduce inflammation after surgery or due to injury, disease, and other conditions. It has also been proven to be helpful with arthritis, hip dysplasia, bone fractures, bite-wound abscesses, and sprains or strains. Our veterinary clinic in Dartmouth has also used veterinary laser therapy to help patients with degenerative joint disease (DJD), lick granulomas, dermatitis, otitis, abdominal disorders, and pain due to tooth extraction. Contact our office to find out if this advanced technology could be used to help your pet.

Veterinary Diet & Nutrition

At Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth, we are committed to working with our clients to ensure that their pets are receiving the very best in nutrition. We carry the Hill’s Diet line at our veterinary clinic in Dartmouth because they firmly believe that pet nutrition is essential to the health and longevity of our patients. Hill’s pet foods contain high-quality ingredients to provide a proper balance of essential nutrients to ensure the optimal health of pets. Hill’s formulates their foods with a precise balance of these important nutrients to meet the specific needs of your pet according to their size, weight, life-stage, as well as any special needs.

Hill’s Diet employs over 220 veterinarians, Ph.D. nutritionists, and food scientists to help them create new products and make improvements on existing diets to help each pet live a long and healthy life. Check out our options for Hill’s Diet products when you visit Anchor Animal Hospital and speak with your veterinarian about your pet’s current diet and nutrition.

Contact Our Team

If your pet is in need of specialty veterinary care and services, make sure to give us a call at our veterinary clinic in Dartmouth. You won’t find many veterinary hospitals in the South Coast area that have a certified veterinary acupuncturist on staff or that provide veterinary laser therapy. Whatever your pet’s needs, from pre-anesthetic blood screening to pain management, Anchor Animal Hospital can provide all of the services that they require. Give us a call at 508-996-3731 to schedule a consultation or to speak with one of our team members about your concerns.