Saving Lives: Adopting Pets from Rescue Groups – Dartmouth Massachusetts

Adoption - Anchor Animal Hospital, Dartmouth, MA

Dr. Gerald Pietsch and wife Janet,
with adopted horses Mickey and Starr
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It is estimated that more than 6 million animals are euthanized in animal shelters across the United States each year. Adopting an animal from animal shelters or rescue groups will not only help to save a life, but it will make a statement against people and organizations that over-breed animals irresponsibly for the almighty dollar.

Advantages of Adopting from an Animal Shelter in Dartmouth, New Bedford  and Fall River

When you adopt an animal from local animal shelters, aside from saving a life and making a statement against puppy mills and other irresponsible breeders, there are many other benefits and advantages. Many of the animals that are at the shelter are already housebroken and have received some level of socialization and training. This is a great advantage over new animals that might not have learned good manners yet, and a huge benefit for people who don’t have the time or patience for “potty” training.

Studies show that only 20% of Americans adopt their animals from rescue groups or animal shelters. When you choose to adopt, you set an example for others and help to inform the people around you of the advantages associated with adoption. There are many purebred animals available at local shelters. If there is a certain type of animal or breed that you desire, you can call around to breed-specific rescue groups or animal shelters throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and all over New England to find the one you want.

Many animal shelters, such as the Forever Paws Animal Shelter in Fall River, provide all of the animals in their facility with quality veterinary care and ensure that animals are spayed or neutered before adoption to prevent pet overpopulation. You can feel confident that your new friend will have gotten a clean bill of health from a qualified veterinarian before you bring him or her home.

Nevins Farm: A Unique Animal Adoption Opportunity

Methuen, Massachusetts is home to Nevins Farm, a very unique animal adoption opportunity that focuses on the shelter and adoption of both farm and companion animals. Nevins Farm boasts a very exceptional equine program, which includes adoption services, a world-renowned equine ambulance program and rehabilitation.

The Equine and Farm center at Nevins Farm focuses primarily on horses and other farm animals. In addition to animal care, adoption and other services, Nevins Farm also provides an educational outreach program to local classrooms, offers a summer camp program for kids, educates the general public about animal needs and even works with animal owners in crisis.

As the only full-service, open-door horse and rescue facility in all of New England, Nevins Farm is a very unique place indeed. Their adoption program takes in horses that have been abused, neglected, injured or surrendered by owners who were unable to continue caring for them. Over 900 animals each year take refuge at Nevins Farm, including horses, sheep, goats, pigs, geese, ducks, chickens and sometimes they even have cows, llamas and donkeys.

The Pietsch Family’s Adoption Story

Dr. Pietsch of Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth and his wife Janet have adopted two horses from Nevins Farm and are very pleased to have them. The adopted horses are Caspian horses, which are an ancient breed that comes from the Caspian Sea. The small horses are native to Northern Iran and while its original height is only about 36 inches, it has been classified a horse instead of a pony because it really has much more in common with horses than ponies.

The Pietsch family horses include a six year-old Grey mare named Star and a five year-old Chestnut with a white blaze on his face that they call Mickey. The horses were given to the MSPCA at Nevins Farm by a couple that was retiring and wanted to make sure that their horses would go to a good home. Nevins Farm goes to a lot of trouble to make sure that the new home is suitable and healthy for the animals, including an interview, inspection of the barn and property, as part of an extensive adoption process.

In addition to Star and Mickey, the Pietsch family also has one dog and four cats that are all rescues. The doctors at Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth also have pets that come from animal shelters and rescue groups. In fact, even the four Pietsch children have adopted their pets from shelters and rescues. All together the Pietsch kids have eight dogs, seven cats, five birds and one chinchilla.

Anchor Animal Hospital Encourages You to Save a Life

So the next time you are thinking about adopting an animal, Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth encourages their clients to consider looking to animal shelters an rescue groups. Anchor provides veterinary advice and offers discounted services to Forever Paws Animal Shelter in Fall River. Forever Paws protects and takes care of the stray, abandoned and abused animals in the Southeastern Massachusetts area. Without this valuable shelter, many of these animals would be euthanized after just a few days.

The mission of Forever Paws Animal Shelter is to place the animals that they protect into safe, loving homes. Forever Paws does not receive any funding from the state or federal government and is a non-profit organization. Therefore they rely on donations, fees from adoptions, fund raisers and benefactors to keep the shelter operating.

If you are thinking about adopting a furry or feathered friend, take a look at Forever Paws Animal Shelter in Fall River or visit Nevins Farm in Methuen, Massachusetts. These organizations work hard to give these animals a second chance at finding a good home. Even if you aren’t looking to adopt at this time, consider supporting or volunteering at one of these reputable facilities to help local animals from the Southcoast area.