In addition to our in-clinic pharmacy, we also we also have an online pharmacy where you can order medication for your pet at anytime!

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Anchor Animal Hospital carries a well stocked pharmacy to provide medications for your pets when they are needed. We carry a large number of different medications to give our doctors the ability to treat a broad range of diseases and flexibility to fine tune treatments to the individual patient.

The different medications stocked in our pharmacy include:

• A variety of antibiotics
• Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories
• Steroidal anti-inflammatories
Heart medications
• Liver medications
Heartworm preventatives including Heartgard and Interceptor
• Flea and tick medications including Advantage, Frontline, Revolution, and Advantix
• Nutritional Supplements
Thyroid medications

Our goal is to provide convenient pharmacy service to our clients so that they do not have to make an extra stop at the pharmacy. Occasionally a medication is required that we do not stock or it is more convenient to pick-up the medication at an outside pharmacy. When this occurs we are happy to provide a written prescription or call the prescription into your pharmacy.

Sometimes people are unable to medicate their pets or the commercially available dosing is inappropriate, a particularly common problem with cats. We work closely with compounding pharmacies who can reformulate medications into a variety of dose strengths. Compounders can also create a variety of ways to give medications including pills, liquids, transdermal creams, or flavored treats. If you have concerns about medicating your pet please speak with your pet’s doctor or one of the staff members at Anchor Animal Hospital. We are happy to discuss the available options for your pet’s medications to make sure that your pet gets the best care possible.