Pet Rescue and Adopting Puppies and Kittens in Massachusetts

Bringing a new pet into your home, whether it is your first or a new member of an existing pack, can be challenging. However, the benefits of adding a pet to your family can be extremely positive. Adopting puppies and kittens in Massachusetts can be quite different from adopting a young adult or senior pet. Many of the guidelines and tips for successful adoption are the same, but it is essential to remember that their needs may be different. The more you can do to plan the integration of a new pet into your home, taking care to schedule a veterinary check-up, and get up to date on vaccination requirements in MA, the easier the transition will ultimately be for everyone involved. Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth provides veterinary check-ups, vaccinations, preventive and emergency care for pets in the Greater Southcoast region.

Check-ups Are Essential

Regardless of where you adopted your new family member, take time to schedule an appointment with your local Southcoast veterinarian to get things started off on the right foot – or paw. Puppies and kittens in Massachusetts require a lot of care in the first few weeks and months of their lives. Make sure you get your pet spayed or neutered and that your new cat or dog meets all vaccination requirements in MA. Rabies shots and other vaccinations, which are specific to cats and dogs, can help to ensure your pet lives a long and healthy life. At Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth, we can provide new pet owner advice for everything from preventive care services to nutrition requirements and everything in between.

Check-ups are even more crucial if you already have other pets at home. You don’t want to bring a new pet into the household that has not gotten its vaccinations and risk other pets getting sick. Some of the concerns regarding illnesses and diseases that can be shared from one pet to another can be prevented with a simple trip to your local veterinarian. Don’t risk your pet’s health. Make sure you have everything you need to provide complete care for your new cat or dog and that you know where to go if you require emergency care for pets. Our veterinary team offers personalized and professional attention with the latest techniques and technology for the absolute best in quality medicine, surgery, and preventive veterinary services for you and your pet.

Get Ready Online

You can fill out a New Client Form online to provide our team with all of the information necessary to care for you and your new pet. At Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth, we love our pets just like you do. Our goal is to ensure that all of the animals that walk through our doors get the same high standard of care that we would want for our own pets. We provide quality care for pets at any stage of life, and we take pride in the long-term relationships we have established with our clients. So whether you have adopted new puppies and kittens in Massachusetts or if you have a senior pet that has been with your family for many years, Anchor Animal Hospital can help you to achieve your goals and ensure quality veterinary care for your pets.

If you have any veterinary records for your new pet that you received at the shelter, breeder, or adoption center, make sure to bring them into our clinic. If you have any questions about what to bring or what to expect when you come to our animal hospital in Dartmouth for a check-up or emergency care for pets, give us a call. We can answer any questions you might have, assist you in setting up an appointment, and help you determine the services you need to take care of your pet. Call today at 508-996-3731 to speak with one of our friendly and helpful team members. Since 1975, Anchor Animal Hospital has earned a solid reputation for providing quality care for pets throughout the Southcoast area. Call today or use our website to set an appointment for your cat, dog, rodent, rabbit, or pocket pet at our Southeastern Massachusetts veterinary facility.