Nutrition and Feeding for Overweight Pets in Massachusetts

overweight pets in MassachusettsIt has been shown that having a pet in the house can improve a person’s quality of life and even lengthen their lifespan. We give our pets the best of care, so it only seems fair that they receive the best of care from us. The internet is rife with recommendations for the “best dog food” and “best canine diet” products on the market right now. Though you may have heard of all-natural diets, homemade dog food, raw diets, and other fads, a trip to Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth is the best place to begin thinking about a new diet for your furry friend.

Since 1975, residents of Westport have trusted their pets’ well-being to our team of highly trained, skilled, and educated veterinarians and animal caretakers. In order to ensure that your dog receives the optimal nutrition for his or her age, health, activity level, and way of life, we can offer you sound advice. When it comes to what you should be feeding man’s best friend, it’s best to consult your vet rather than follow the latest diet fads. Some foods have therapeutic uses, such as a diet designed to alleviate dry skin in canines. Pumpkin benefits for dogs could be another option for gastrointestinal health. Talking to your vet is the best way to figure out what your dog requires.

Commercial, Store-Bought Food Products

You should know right off the bat that no single method will work for every dog. The breed, age, size, and general health of your dog all have specific nutritional needs that should be taken into account when selecting a food for them. Commercial dog food, like the kibble and canned foods sold at pet stores, is designed to be a convenient way to meet your dog’s nutritional requirements. Meat, grains, vegetables, fruits, and vitamins recommended by veterinarians are common components of these foods. You’ll find a variety of options for dosage, including puppy, pregnant and nursing, adult, and senior. Options exist even for dogs with health problems related to their diet, such as obesity and food allergies.

Finding out what your dog needs to thrive is as important as finding out what you need to eat. The expertise of a Dartmouth animal hospital is invaluable at this time. Although it’s simple to select food for your dog based on its life stage, don’t assume that a “complete” label means that it contains all the nutrients your dog needs daily. The term “balanced” may refer only to the formula’s internal nutrient distribution rather than to whether or not it meets your dog’s specific dietary requirements. There are advantages and disadvantages to both wet and dry dog foods that should be discussed with your vet during your dog’s next checkup.

Canine Nutritional Needs and Feeding Schedules

Feeding your dog at the most convenient time for you requires some thought about your own schedule. If you know you will be out of the house at 3 o’clock on some days, you shouldn’t start feeding your dog at that time every day. The dog will get used to the routine and become distressed if they aren’t fed at the designated times. That might cause your dog to exhibit destructive behavior or make it difficult to get him to eat at mealtime. However, if you have multiple pets in your home, free feeding can be risky. One gluttonous pet should not eat all of the dry food, leaving none for the other.

For the recommended amount of food based on your dog’s age, please refer to the food’s label. A working dog that gets up and about all day will burn through more calories than a “lap dog” that only gets up for meals and bathroom breaks. If you’re still unsure, bring up your worries at your next veterinary checkup. Talk about everything else that’s bothering you, from your dog’s behavior to questions about preventative care to the various approaches you can take to alleviating your pet’s dry skin.

If you’re interested in learning more about the nutritional needs of your pet and the options available to you, give Anchor Animal Hospital a call at (508) 228-3311. Benefits of pumpkin for dogs and other non-traditional dog food options are just two of the many topics our team can discuss with you. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 508-996-3731 right away.