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Tips for New Bedford Pet Owners: Holiday Safety for Our Pets

December 11, 2020

For many people, pets are an essential part of their family, and they participate in many activities, including preparations and celebrations for the holiday season. While the holidays might look a little different this year for many people across the country, many things will still go on that could potentially harm curious pets. Your local…

Pets Are Not Presents: Vet Care for Cats and Dogs in Dartmouth

December 11, 2020

We’ve all seen the feel-good holiday movies where a girlfriend, wife, child, or family is “gifted” a kitten or a puppy on Christmas morning. The bright red bow around the neck, the puppy popping up out of the decorated box, the recipient squealing in delight – it all paints a perfect picture of holiday bliss.…

winter pet safety in dartmouth

The Case for Keeping Pets Indoors: Dartmouth Winter Pet Care

November 17, 2020

If you were to let your pet decide if they want to stay outdoors or come indoors during the winter, many might choose to remain outside. There are so many smells and things to do in the backyard that many pets prefer it. However, there are lots of reasons why you shouldn’t let your dog…

pets with dry skin in fall river

Fall River Pet Owners: How to Treat Pets for Dry Winter Skin

November 17, 2020

If you have ever experienced dry skin in the winter, you know how irritating and painful it can be. Our pets can’t speak to tell us when something is bothering them, so it’s up to us to pay attention and make sure they are healthy and comfortable year-round. Dogs and cats with dry skin in…

Grooming & Well Checks: Vet Care at Dartmouth Animal Hospital

October 19, 2020

Taking care of your pet means more than just providing food, water, and shelter. Vet care for cats and dogs is essential to their well-being and ensures a long and healthy life. Schedule a veterinary check-up in New Bedford with our Dartmouth animal hospital for an annual check-up and make sure to adhere to regular…

How to Choose the Best Small Rodents as Pets in Dartmouth, MA

October 19, 2020

Taking care of larger pets, such as cats and dogs, can be a challenge for many people, depending on their situation. If you don’t have access to a backyard for letting the dog out to “do his business” and are forced to walk them several times a day, it can be difficult – especially in…

veterinary dental care for pets in Dartmouth

Take Care of Your Pet’s Teeth: Dartmouth Dental Care for Pets

September 15, 2020

Did you know that dental disease affects a large majority of beloved pets in the United States every year? Studies reveal that dogs and cats will both be highly likely to have some degree of dental issues before they are three years of age. Bad breath isn’t the real problem here, although most pet owners…

pets and wildlife encounters in Massachusetts

Wildlife Encounters: Emergency Vet Care for Cats and Dogs in MA

September 15, 2020

A viral video is making the rounds of a Northern Massachusetts man who was startled awake by a bear while lounging by the pool in his backyard. Many people underestimate the variety of wildlife that can be found in New England and often get caught off-guard by what they see. The same holds true for…

pocket pet care in southcoast

Pocket Pet Care in Southcoast: Habitat & Care for Small Pets

August 12, 2020

When people think about adopting small rodents as pets, such as hamsters, gerbils, or mice, they don’t often put a lot of thought into their needs concerning habitat and nutrition. The reason for this is likely the modern pet store, which features a group of animals for adoption alongside a variety of cages and pre-packaged…

veterinary care in Massachusetts

How to Respond to Seasonal Changes: Dartmouth Veterinary Care

August 12, 2020

After a long and unusual summer, the fall season is now nearly upon us. Regardless of how things look this year for back-to-school or back-to-work protocols, a change will still happen. While most people focus on how that change will affect them, they rarely think about the impact that it will have on their pets.…

pet fire safety in Southcoast

Pet Fire Safety Tips: Keep Pets Safe From Fire in Southcoast

July 20, 2020

Every year in the month of July, veterinarians and animal experts promote National Pet Fire Safety Day on the 15th. However, learning how to keep pets safe from fire is something that should be done every day of the year. As you might have guessed, many of the fire safety tips for pets that you…

pet adoption in New Bedford

Pet Adoption in New Bedford: Vaccination Schedules for Pets

July 20, 2020

What could be more amazing than adopting a new pet? There are a lot of things that New Bedford pet owners need to know to make sure that they provide the necessary veterinary care and preventive treatments required to help their pet live a long and healthy life. Outside of a comfortable place to sleep,…