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The Hottest Day of the Year: Vet Tips for Westport Pet Owners

July 19, 2021

When the weather gets hot in the summer, people naturally want to go outdoors to the park, the beach, or some other place to cool off and have fun. There are many situations where you might want to bring your pet along for the day as well but take caution, Westport pet owners: not every…

Advanced Dentistry for Pets: Veterinary Dental Services in MA

July 19, 2021

Diet and nutrition, vaccinations, preventive parasitic treatments, and emergency services are what most people think about when they visit their Southeastern Massachusetts veterinarian. During a thorough check-up, you will notice the vet at our Dartmouth animal hospital will check the temperature, breath sounds, look at your pet’s eyes, and even check out their mouth. Veterinary…

Pet Rescue and Adopting Puppies and Kittens in Massachusetts

June 17, 2021

Bringing a new pet into your home, whether it is your first or a new member of an existing pack, can be challenging. However, the benefits of adding a pet to your family can be extremely positive. Adopting puppies and kittens in Massachusetts can be quite different from adopting a young adult or senior pet.…

Exercise for Pets in Fall River: Healthy Summer Tips for Pets

June 17, 2021

With summer weather quickly on the way, it’s a good time to talk about summer tips for pets to help keep your pet safe, healthy, and engaged this season. Whether in the middle of a heatwave or just a mild summer’s day, it is essential to know the dos and don’ts of exercise for pets…

Rabbit Care and Feeding: Best Veterinary Care in Massachusetts

May 17, 2021

After cats, dogs, and pocket pets, one of the most popular pets in America is the rabbit. There are many different varieties, ranging from the beloved mini lop, French lop, and garden variety bunny. Unlike cats and dogs, rabbits offer unique benefits, such as being virtually non-allergenic and offering a much quieter companionship. You can…

Seasonal Pet Tips in New Bedford: Helping Pets with Allergies

May 17, 2021

When most people think about pets and allergies, they automatically remember humans who have allergic reactions to pets. However, pets have allergies just like we do, and many of them have to do with certain seasonal weather changes and their surrounding environment. While cats and dogs do sneeze as an involuntary reaction to an irritant,…

Top Tips for Canine Dental Care in Dartmouth, Massachusetts

April 17, 2021

Most people are aware of the importance of good oral hygiene. However, pet owners are just now becoming aware of how crucial this type of veterinary care in Massachusetts can be to their dog or cat’s longevity. While the good news is that pets are less likely to have cavities than humans – it’s all…

Spring Checkups for Pets: Dartmouth Vet Care for Cats & Dogs

April 17, 2021

Taking care of a pet is a year-round responsibility. However, there are seasonal pet tips that can be used to help you keep up with preventive treatments and services designed to ensure your pet stays healthy no matter what the time of year. In the northeastern states, spring means finally getting outdoors to explore local…

Care for Overweight Pets: Dartmouth Vet Hospital Consultation

March 11, 2021

According to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHN), of which Anchor Animal Hospital is an accredited member, pet obesity has become an epidemic. Improper nutrition, too many treats, eating from the table, and other bad habits have contributed significantly to increased weight in both cats and dogs throughout the country. In one study, which was…

MA pet vaccination requirements

The Required Massachusetts Pet Vaccinations for Cats and Dogs

March 11, 2021

Vet care for cats and dogs should include the vaccines required to protect them from common diseases that can be highly infectious, dangerous, and sometimes even pose a danger to humans. Massachusetts pet vaccinations are required to be given to cats and dogs at various stages of their lives, beginning when they are tiny kittens…

spay and neuter pets in Massachusetts

Love is in the Air: Spay and Neuter for Pets in New Bedford

February 12, 2021

Some traditional sayings hold true for life in New England. As a child, you probably learned that April showers bring May flowers, which reminds us of the springtime rainy season and subsequent floral bloom. Another truthful saying is that puppy love in spring can mean “oodles of poodles” by summer. Unfortunately, while awareness about spay…

preventive veterinary services

Preventive Veterinary Services for Cats and Dogs in Dartmouth

February 12, 2021

One of the best ways to keep your pets healthy is to take a proactive approach with preventive veterinary services. Your local Dartmouth animal hospital can help you take charge of your pet’s wellbeing by scheduling examinations and annual check-ups, prescribing preventive care medications, providing vaccinations, and offering advice that you can use to expand…