New Bedford Pet Owners: Veterinary Care for Your Exotic Pets

While dogs and cats are by far the most popular pets in America, they certainly are not the only species being kept in American homes. Birds, reptiles, and other exotic pets are on the rise, making it more important than ever to inform pet owners about the importance of having a veterinarian in South Coast that they can count on to provide quality care. It is also a good idea to find a quality emergency veterinary hospital before you ever need one so you will know where to go in the event of an accident or urgent situation.

Beyond the annual check-up, vaccinations, preventive care, and treatments, it is also important to have a vet that you can count on for accurate advice. While it is amazing that there is so much information available online, not all of it is correct and some of it may actually harm your pet. So if you need advice on winter care for reptile species or want to know more about proper diet and nutrition for your chinchilla, you are better off seeking the advice of a veterinarian than “some guy” on the internet that might not be qualified to give advice.

Proper Habitat & Environmental Care
You followed all of the instructions in the “care sheet” from the pet store and watched a bunch of YouTube videos online, but your brand new ferret just doesn’t seem to be doing well at home. Many exotic pets require specific habitat creation to provide them the temperature, bedding, lighting, and nutrition that they need to survive outside of their natural environment. A cold winter in New England is quite different from the rainforest or region where your exotic pet originates. New Bedford pet owners can bring their pet in to visit the local veterinarian in South Coast to make sure that they are providing an appropriate environment and are up-to-date on the latest nutritional recommendations for that species.

Vaccinations & Preventive Care
You might not think about vaccinations or preventive care for rabbits and Guinea pigs, but they need to visit the vet too. Emergency veterinary hospital waiting rooms are often filled with sad pet owners who are dealing with illnesses that they never thought would affect their exotic pets. Some states require certain vaccinations for exotic species, including pot-bellied pigs, fennec foxes, and ferrets, to prevent the spread of illnesses and disease. Other prevention methods include treatments to prevent internal and external parasites, such as fleas, ticks, lice, and worms. Some species are more prone to attack by parasites and pests than others, so it pays to bring your pet into the local emergency veterinary hospital for regular check-ups and medical advice.

Behavioral Issues
Another thing that many New Bedford pet owners don’t think about with exotic pets is their behavioral changes throughout the year. Many of these pets are more “wild” than cats and dogs, which can cause them to change their behavior with the change in temperature and daylight. Some pets may be more active in summer, while others may want to hibernate or at least slow down in the winter. Make sure to ask about year-round care for your exotic pets and take all the tips you can get. Summer and winter care for reptile and bird owners will have some major differences, so it is important to learn all that you can.

Grooming & Clipping
Sometimes it takes a professional to take care of the grooming and clipping needs of your exotic pet. You might not think that an emergency veterinary hospital is the place to bring your Guinea pig or rabbit for nail trimmings, but if you schedule an appointment at Anchor Animal Hospital, our team can certainly help you get the job done. It can be difficult to clip nails and take care of other grooming responsibilities for hyper bunnies, ferrets, and rodents, but it needs to be done to maintain the health and wellness of your exotic pets.

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