New Bedford Pet Owners: The Benefits of Micro-Chipping a Pet

Micro-Chipping Pets in MassachusettsPeople are generally on one side of this debate or the other: to micro-chip a pet or NOT to micro-chip a pet. Many might have steered clear of micro-chipping pets due to cost concerns. However, this security measure, which can be done at a local veterinary check-up is now much more affordable to New Bedford pet owners than it was initially. In fact, many shelters are now micro-chipping pets before they are adopted and some counties are even requiring micro-chipping as part of pet registrations and licensing.

When pets get lost, they can become scared and will run away even further into areas where they cannot find their way home. In many instances, ID tags and collars can get snagged on fences, bushes, and brush, meaning that there is no way to identify the dog or its owner once they are recovered. When a pet is found, all it takes is a simple trip to a local shelter or a veterinarian to get a scan for a micro-chip. The information attached includes the dog’s name, your name, your address, and a contract phone number. Additional information can be included as well, such as the pet’s veterinarian and any health alerts or concerns.

Great for Stolen Dogs

Believe it or not, there are a lot of cases of stolen dogs in New England and across the country. Micro-chipping pets can help to identify your pet once he or she is recovered. Thieves will remove collars, tags, and any other identifying marks as soon as possible. Dogs are taken brazenly from peoples’ front yards, backyard gated areas, and at dog parks. Cats can also be stolen, especially if they get loose or roam outdoors in the summer months. While the chip can’t be used to track a stolen pet, it can be used to confirm identity and reunite pets with owners when they are recovered.

Excellent for Runaways

If you have a pet that will run away when it gets loose through an open door or unlatched gate, micro-chipping pets can be a lifesaver. If your pet is found by a neighbor or local authorities, a quick scan of the chip can reunite pets with their New Bedford pet owners without delay. The only downside is that your pet must first be found and then taken to a veterinarian or shelter to get scanned for the chip. Of course, the best defense for a runaway pet is to have a good offense designed to keep him indoors or in a safely gated yard where he can’t run or get loose in the first place.

Amazing for Natural Disasters

Pets who get lost in the midst of a storm, fire, or another type of natural disaster can wind up miles and miles away from home or stuck in a shelter with no hope of reuniting with their families. The stories that came from and still come from Katrina victims searching for their pets are heart-breaking. Micro-chipping pets can help bring pets and owners back together quickly once they are recovered. Again, collars can slip off, and tags can be lost, but micro-chipping stays in place regardless of the situation.

Other Benefits of Micro-Chipping Pets

When you visit your local clinic for a veterinary check-up, speak with your vet about their thoughts on micro-chipping pets. Often included with other seasonal pet tips, micro-chipping is often strongly recommended to New Bedford pet owners for both cats and dogs, depending on the situation. Even a strictly indoor cat or backyard-only dog can get loose and lost in minutes. The more you can do to ensure that you are reunited with your pet again, the better. It is still important to have a collar and ID tags on your pet. This will help those who may not have access to micro-chipping scans get ahold of you faster. While collars and tags can get lost, there are many instances where pets are just wandering a few blocks away from home, and the owner can be contacted to come pick them up without the trauma of going to the shelter.

Some other benefits of micro-chipping pets include:

  • doggie door entry, which can be used to only let your pet inside instead of wild animals or neighborhood pets
  • peace of mind for pets on medication so they can receive treatment right away when located instead of having to wait to determine their condition
  • optional GPS collars which can be used with micro-chipping to locate pets faster when they run away; great for regular escapees and traveling pets

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New Bedford pet owners who are interested in learning more about micro-chipping pets can contact our veterinary clinic or ask about this service during their regular veterinary check-up. You can also read more about the Home Again Microchip on our “My Anchor” PAGE and pick up a pamphlet in our office. To schedule an appointment or learn more about micro-chipping, please give us a call at 508-996-3731.