New Bedford Pet Owners: Autumn Tips, Vet Care for Cats & Dogs

autumn-pet-tipsIf you live in the New England area, you already know that the fall season is the beginning of cool weather and time to prepare your home and family for the long, winter months. The same holds true for pet owners, so it is important to heed seasonal pet tips to help keep your furry friends happy and healthy throughout the year. Vet care for cats and dogs is important no matter what, as prevention is key to most of the health risks that New Bedford pet owners and pet owners nationwide face most often.

So while the weather is getting more mild and people are beginning to venture outdoors to do more yard work and prepare for the coming seasonal changes, pets are also being drawn outdoors and getting excited about the change of weather. Now is the time to be vigilant and protect your pet from the dangers that lurk most often in Southeastern Massachusetts during the autumn season. Here are some seasonal pet tips to help you keep your pets safe and sound during this colorful time of year.

With the brilliant colors of fall sweeping across New England, New Bedford pet owners need to be aware of the increase in traffic with the flow of tourists to the local area. An increase in cars, foot traffic and strangers to the region can be dangerous to pets. Make sure that your pets are well cared for and secured during these months to prevent car accidents, lost pets and other issues that can happen with so many more people visiting the Southeastern Massachusetts or Rhode Island area this time of year.

Consider crating your pet during the day when you are at work or building a secure run in your backyard to prevent pets from getting out of the property when you are not at home. Boarding your pet when you go on vacation can also be a much better solution than asking a neighbor to look in on, feed and water your cat or dog. Speak with your vet at the local animal hospital in Dartmouth about boarding and other seasonal options to help you care for your pet this time of year.

There are many pest related issues that cause pet owners to seek vet care for cats and dogs this time of year. Not only are fleas and ticks a major issue during the autumn months, but it is still important to keep up with heartworm treatments to prevent disease. New Bedford pet owners should visit their local vet clinic to discuss preventive treatment options for dogs, cats and other pets that can be affected by pests throughout the year.

Many homeowners will increase the use of treatments to prevent rodents from coming indoor during the cooler months. Products, known in the industry as rodenticides, can be extremely toxic to domesticated pets, such as cats and dogs. If ingested, these products can be fatal. It is important to keep pets away from rodenticides and other types of pest control. Consider bringing outdoor cats in during this time of year to keep them safe from exposure.

Some of the most popular holidays in September, October and November bring dangerous consequences for our pets. Vet care for cats and dogs during these months will often see pets that have gotten into back-to-school supplies, such as glue sticks, markers and other things that can “smell good” to pets, but that are toxic. Other items that may seem like food to pets can cause blockages and other issues that can be potentially fatal to cats and dogs. Holiday decorations, chocolate Halloween candy, dropped foods during Thanksgiving and other family dinners, parties and gatherings, can all also be potentially dangerous to your pets.

When you bring your cat or dog into Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth for a regular check-up, make sure to ask about tips for avoiding these potential hazards for New Bedford pet owners and pet owners throughout the South Coast area. They can provide you with seasonal pet tips and suggestions that will help you prevent holiday related problems faced by many local pet owners to help keep your dog, cat or other family pet safe. If your pet gets into any of the aforementioned foods, supplies or decorations, make sure to bring your pet in for emergency vet care for cats and dogs right away for best results. Call Anchor Animal Hospital at 508-996-3731 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services.