Love is in the Air: Spay and Neuter for Pets in New Bedford

spay and neuter pets in MassachusettsSome traditional sayings hold true for life in New England. As a child, you probably learned that April showers bring May flowers, which reminds us of the springtime rainy season and subsequent floral bloom. Another truthful saying is that puppy love in spring can mean “oodles of poodles” by summer. Unfortunately, while awareness about spay and neuter for pets has increased in recent years, there are still thousands upon thousands of homeless or unwanted puppies and kittens born in America each year. New Bedford pet owners can do something about it by taking advantage of professional veterinary services in Dartmouth and making sure that their pets are spayed or neutered before becoming part of a growing statistic. There are many other reasons to embrace these seasonal pet tips, including the safety and ongoing health of your pet. Speak with your trusted veterinarian at Anchor Animal Hospital to discuss these essential pet services.

More Reasons to Consider Spay and Neuter for Pets

Many pet owners think that it would be wonderful to have a mini-me of their beloved pet running around, and there isn’t a tear-jerking kids movie that doesn’t feature a triumphant ending with a puppy or kitten “replacing” an adult pet that died. However, many other positive benefits to getting your pet spayed or neutered will ensure a longer and healthier life all around. Nothing can ever truly replace a lost pet, but if you are thinking about bringing another furry friend into your life, adoption at the local animal shelter is a great way to give a dog or cat a good home.

Some of the other reasons to consider spay and neuter veterinary services in Dartmouth include:

  • Behavior – Studies show that spayed and neutered animals tend to be much more calm and affectionate. Spaying gets rid of a female pet’s heat cycle, which prevents many whining and nervous behaviors that they can sometimes experience. For males, neutering can prevent many territorial behaviors, such as spraying and marking.
  • Cancer – One of the most proven benefits of spay and neuter for pets is eliminating many types of cancer. For females, uterine and ovarian cancer are prevented 100 percent by spaying. Male pets can avoid painful and sometimes deadly conditions, including benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), prostate infections, and other life-threatening diseases. Testicular cancer, some types of hernias, and perianal tumors can also be prevented by neutering your male dog or cat.
  • Roaming – The top reason for pets getting out of backyards and houses is the drive to reproduce. Male and female cats and dogs will sometimes do whatever it takes to get outdoors so they can mate. This is why spaying and neutering is a typical recommendation when it comes to springtime seasonal pet tips. As the weather gets nicer and windows are opened up, male pets can small females in the neighborhood that are in heat, and females that are in heat feel the drive to roam. These pets can become lost, get hit by cars, or suffer other accidents in their quest to find a mate.

Veterinary Services in Dartmouth

At Anchor Animal Hospital, we strongly encourage New Bedford pet owners and clients from all over the Southcoast area to consider spay and neuter for pets. Spaying and neutering have been proven to decrease or eliminate many of the life-threatening and costly diseases experienced by common household pets. We recommend spaying or neutering dogs at six months of age and cats between four and six months. For best results, please speak with one of our veterinarians at your pet’s first veterinary check-up or when they get closer to the recommended age to spay and neuter for pets. Studies show that early veterinary services in Dartmouth and the surrounding area are essential to providing your pet with all the support they need to live a long and healthy life. The sooner you bring your cat or dog in for spaying and neutering, the less chance there is that they will experience the painful and frustrating experiences that go along with the reproductive cycle. Whether your pets are primarily outdoors or indoors, they will benefit significantly from these essential services in their youth. Contact Anchor Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment or speak with one of our veterinary team members by calling 508-996-3731.