Keep New Bedford Dogs Cool: Warm Days & Hot Pavement in Summer

hot dogs in summer in New EnglandOne of the best summer tips for New Bedford pets is to treat your furry friends the way you would want to be treated. On hot days, don’t take them out for an afternoon walk – even if they want to go. Some pet owners use booties and other coverings to protect sensitive paw pads, but even then, the summer temperatures are often too high for venturing outdoors during the day. Early morning walks can be okay, but only if the pavement is not already too hot. During a heatwave the ambient nighttime temperature can stay hot, keeping asphalt and concrete warm even first thing in the morning. Consult your trusted veterinarian at Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth for more tips about hot pavement in summer and ways to keep your four-legged friends safe, happy, and healthy.

They Want to Be with Us

If we were to ask our dogs whether they want to go with the humans or stay at home in the air conditioning, the chances are good that they would always want to be with us. This is true in the middle of the coldest winter or the hottest summer. So the next time you pick up the keys and your dog starts to wag his tail, make sure to be firm but friendly and tell him no. This time of year, it is best to leave your pets home and in the cool air than outdoors where they might burn their paws or get sick from heat exhaustion. Many states now have laws about keeping pets inside of cars at shopping centers and grocery stores. Not only is it potentially lethal for pets, but it can be a safety issue if the dog were to put a running car in gear.

Spend extra time with your pet before or after your errands so they don’t feel left out, but summer is the time to put your foot down and keep them at home. Find other seasonal things to do with your pet, such as putting up a pet-safe swimming pool, letting them run through the sprinklers, or hanging out in the backyard in the shade. If you don’t have a shade tree or another shaded area in the backyard, consider making one out of planters, shrubbery, or a covering. Even in the grass, the ground can get hot quickly while your pet is going outdoors to go to the bathroom. Outdoor exercise should be limited in the summer anyway, so it is a good idea to get new toys or create indoor obstacle courses that you can play with to engage your pet.

Other Summer Tips for New Bedford Pets

Consider a self-watering bowl or stay on top of your pet’s bowl during the summer to ensure that they have a full bowl of cool water that is free of debris. Dogs that have thick or heavy coats should see the groomer to lightly trim them. Never fully shave your dog’s fur, as it could result in a sunburn, but a light trim may help to keep them cool on the hottest days of summer. If you bring your pet to the lake or the beach, be sure to check the temperature in the sand and shore. Never allow your pet to walk on a surface that you are not willing to walk on yourself. Again, make your own shade if none is available, consider bringing along a tent for you and your pet to cool down during the day.

Protect your pet against sunburn by applying a pet-safe sunblock of at least SPF 45 to your pet’s ears, nose, and belly. These are the areas that can be burned more easily than others, so they need to be protected. Hot pavement in summer isn’t the only risk. Humid days can also be risky and increase the chances of developing heat exhaustion. Walk on the grass whenever possible and never leave your pet unattended. Learn to recognize the signs of heat exhaustion so you can identify when your pet needs to go to Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth right away for treatment. Don’t wait for a veterinary appointment in MA if you suspect heat exhaustion, get to an emergency vet as quickly as possible. You can always contact our team by calling 508-999-3636 and ask to speak with a team member for any urgent concerns about your pet.