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International Health Certificates

To prepare for travel outside of the US, please visit this link to
see country specific guidelines (including timelines).

usda-internation-certificatesThe following is from the USDA regarding International Health Certificates:

We are encouraging people to seek USDA endorsement of international health certificates through mail or overnight courier rather than by presenting health certificates in-person at one of our offices.

We are no longer able to serve everyone we see in-person in a timely manner or even the same day, particularly those who arrive in our offices without an appointment.

We would like your help emphasizing the confidence we have in large overnight courier companies, and that we are better able to review health certificates and return them to customers if received this way. Please begin the process of obtaining international health certification as far in advance of travel as possible.

USDA, APHIS-Veterinary Services is responsible for review and endorsement of international health certificates for pets, livestock, poultry and animal products leaving the United States. This service is provided as requested by our international trading partners, and often is completed in conjunction with dedicated veterinary practitioners who issue these health certificates.

Veterinary Services strives to meet the needs of all our exporters looking to access our services, including assistance with regulatory information, training for anyone new to the export of animals and animal products, and assistance via phone and email to assure the animals and products leaving the US meet the requirements provided by our trading partners. We invite veterinary practitioners, businesses looking to export animal products, and animal owners to contact our staff at any time for assistance and information. Working together we believe we can efficiently facilitate trade and even pet travel working with a well-informed customer base.

As a part of operating in a public environment, Veterinary Services reviews business processes related to export certificate endorsement regularly, with the aim of providing the services most needed by our customers with our available resources. These evaluations have most recently resulted in the ability for most animal product exporters to submit health certificates to our offices via email, and some livestock and poultry exporters being able to complete and submit health certificates electronically. We are now better equipped to manage incoming phone calls at our offices, despite decreased staffing, and believe these changes have allowed us to move closer to operating “at the speed of business”. As you might imagine, focusing our energy on efficiency and technology does not always allow

Veterinary Services to provide all the same services we once did at all our locations. For example, we can no longer provide copies of endorsed health certificates, and are more likely to have our customers review prepared information on our web site or via email in lieu of a long phone conversation as a first step in the process. We also are finding it necessary to eliminate the option for customers to present health certificates in person at some of our offices, and are encouraging veterinary practitioners to support this option. We’ve found we can better meet everyone’s needs and manage our staff time if we receive health certificates through overnight courier, mail or via email. We hope these changes do not adversely impact your travel or business, and are always willing to meet with any of our exporters to discuss ideas for further improvement.

Veterinary Services’ mission, as a recognized animal health leader and trusted partner, is to safeguard the health of animals, people and the environment. We view that mission not just for operations within the United States, but for all the animals and animal products we present to the world. With your help, and ideas, we look forward to continued improvement in our health certificate review and endorsement processes.

To prepare for travel outside of the US, please visit this link to
see country specific guidelines (including timelines).