How Often Should Indoor South Coast Cats Get a Vet Check-Up?

indoor-cat-checkupsIf you have an indoor cat, you might be wondering how often you should bring him or her into your local South Coast veterinarian for a regular veterinary check-up. Indoor cats live approximately 10 years longer than outdoor cats on average, providing you with about 14-15 years of companionship and love. The best thing that you can do for your furry friend is to provide love, nutrition, care and regular trips to your Dartmouth vet hospital to ensure a long and happy life. While indoor cats are not subject to many of the dangers and challenges faced by outdoor cats, it is a good idea to visit the vet on a regular basis.

First Check-Ups
Whether you adopt your cat as a kitten or as a grown adult, you should bring them in for a veterinary check-up as soon as you bring them home – or in some cases, before you bring them home – so you can get the “all clear” as to their health. This is especially important if you have other cats or pets in your home that might come in contact with your new cat or kitten. Your first appointment will involve getting any vaccinations and to check for any illnesses that might not be obvious.

For kittens, monthly check-ups until the age of four months should be given and then an appointment for spaying or neutering should be done at about six months. Kittens become adults at about one year of age. From then on, unless otherwise instructed by your South Coast veterinarian, they should have annual veterinary check-up appointments to see how they are doing and get updates on any vaccinations as they grow.

Ongoing Adult Cat Check-Ups
Once your cat has reached adulthood, you can bring your indoors-only cat in for regular check-ups at the Dartmouth vet hospital every six to twelve months, as instructed by your veterinarian. Cats that have illnesses or certain conditions, may need to be seen more frequently, depending on their unique needs and situation. Cats can be good at hiding illnesses, so a regular round of blood work and exams are the best way to prevent a small issue from becoming a bigger problem.

Senior Cat Check-Ups – When your cat gets to be between the ages of seven and ten, he will be considered a senior or mature cat. At this point your South Coast veterinarian might want you to come in for a regular veterinary check-up every six months to check for illnesses that are common in older cats. Cats that are over ten years of age should come in for a veterinary check-up every three months, according to the American Animal Hospital Association, particularly cats that are older than 15 years. Older indoor cats tend to have issues, such as obesity, liver and kidney issues, as well as other problems with mobility and vision that can go undetected by their owners.

When you bring your cat in to see the South Coast veterinarian for an evaluation, your vet gets a chance to see the normal behaviors, weight and health of your cat. This can be extremely beneficial if something were to go wrong in the future. Seeing your cat when it is healthy helps to give a baseline that can be used to see the status of your pet when you bring them in for a veterinary check-up. You can also ask questions, get seasonal pet tips and find out if there is anything else you can do to improve the health and life of your cat.

Unexpected Visits to the Vet
In addition to the regular veterinary check-up appointments that you make at our Dartmouth vet hospital, it is important to be aware of your cat’s health and call or bring them in whenever they show any signs of illness. Cats can be secretive about feeling ill, but there are some definite signs to look for that can help you prevent larger problems from developing. Changes in behavior, diet or eating habits, activity level and other common signs should be looked for when you interact with your cat each day. Speak with your vet about these common signs, learn what to look for and pay attention to seasonal pet tips that can help keep your cat safe.

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