Heartworm and cats

For years the veterinary profession has recognized the threat of canine heartworm infection and promoted monthly prophylactic medication to protect dogs from this parasite. Over those years, we erroneously believed that cats were at minimal or no risk.

New findings, however, indicate that cats are both at much higher risk and much more seriously affected than previously thought. Studies have demonstrated that both indoor and outdoor cats can be infected. The many cats which have heartworm disease are negative on blood tests despite their infections. Making the problem worse, we have no way to treat heartworm infected cats and this parasite can kill cats. The only option left is to use medication to prevent infection.

In the past, feline heartworm prophylaxis was a monthly tablet. Although this was effective, cats, as we all know, can be very difficult to pill. Within the last several years, two topical monthly heartworm preventatives have become available for cats. Those products are REVOLUTION & ADVANTAGE MULTI.

We are now recommending year round heartworm preventatives for both indoor and outdoor cats using REVOLUTION, ADVANTAGE MULTI, or FELINE HEARTGARD TABLETS. Please protect your cat from this life threatening disease.