Healthy Cats: Smart Home Care Tips for New Bedford Pet Owners

Healthy Cat in a HomeIn addition to providing your cat with an annual veterinary check-up, feline dental care and vaccinations, there are things that you can do at home to help give her a long and healthy life. Proper nutrition and good grooming are more important than you might realize to provide basic maintenance and care for your furry friend. New Bedford pet owners who are looking for more ways to care for their cats, as well as first-time pet owners, can take advantage of the tips provided here to make sure they aren’t missing out on something essential. Even if you have had cats for many years, there are quite a few advances discovered by veterinarians that pet owners can use for even better quality home care.

The Basics: What You Need to Know
Cats are pretty easy-going, especially compared to other common types of pets. However, every cat still has basic needs that cannot be ignored. To avoid a trip to your Southeastern Massachusetts emergency vet, make sure that your cat always has fresh food, water, a clean litter box, and clean bowls for food and water each and every day. You might be surprised to find out just how important having a clean and tidy space is to the ongoing health of your cat.

In addition, there are other things that you can add to keep your pet safe, such as ID collars or microchips, in case your cat gets outdoors. Carriers for trips to get an annual veterinary check-up, as well as appointments for grooming or family trips, are also a necessity. Some cats like cat toys, but not all, but scratching posts and climbing perches are often welcome additions to your home. Base your purchases on your cat’s needs, interests and the amount of space that you have in your home.

The Scoop on Litter
Cats can be neat freaks. Even though it seems like all that litter “tossing” that they do is evidence to the contrary, New Bedford pet owners should keep litter boxes clean. If not, kitty might decide to go somewhere that is more fitting to her status as Queen of the House, such as your shoes, on the rug or in the couch cushions. Scoopable litter can be used to help keep the litter box clean on a daily basis. Daily cleaning can help you keep tabs on your cat’s health, such as changes in feces, odor, increased frequency in urination, etc.

If you notice any issues in your cat’s litter box, contact your Southeastern Massachusetts emergency vet at Anchor Animal Hospital. It might be nothing, but it could be an early sign of a health issue that could benefit greatly from early treatment. Remember to completely change out the litter on a weekly basis, removing all litter and scrubbing the box with soap and water to remove any bacteria or odor.

Nutritional Needs
It used to be that New Bedford pet owners would just go buy a bag of food at the grocery store that had a picture of a cat on it and be done with it. However, today most pet owners know that there are lots of varieties of cat food, with some brands and types being healthier and more nutritional than others. Speak with your local vet about whether dry or wet foods, or a combination of both, are better for your cat. Some foods can impact feline dental care, either positively or negatively, so this is important to consider as well.

Ask your vet about how much food to feed your cat at your veterinary check-up. You don’t want your cat being over or under-weight because of the amount of food you are feeding. Make sure that the water is fresh and clean. Some people prefer to purchase water fountains for their cats to keep the water filtered and flowing. However, you can just as easily change out their water for fresh a couple of times each day – once in the morning and again in the evening – to make sure it isn’t stale or dirty.

Visit Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth
If you own a cat and want to make sure that she is in good health, make an appointment at our local Southeastern Massachusetts emergency vet and clinic for a veterinary check-up. Whether you need dietary advice, vaccinations, testing, treatment, feline dental care or just an annual exam, our team of highly trained and experienced veterinarians can provide you with the services you require. Give us a call at 508-996-3731 to set up an appointment or to speak with one of our staff.