Going on Vacation? Cat Care Tips for New Bedford Pet Owners

New Bedford veterinary servicesDepending on how long you will be away, there are a few things you can do for your cat when you need to go out of town. However, before you leave for any length of time, make sure to schedule a veterinary check-up at our Dartmouth animal hospital, so you’ll know how your cat’s current health status is before you go away. The last thing you would want to happen is for your cat to get sick when you aren’t able to be there with them. Your vet can also offer New Bedford pet owners tips, referrals, and suggestions for care options that can be used during a vacation. For that matter, pet care for other types of pets, including small animals, can also be shared, such as bird or Guinea pig care and feeding while you are out of the area. It is helpful to have family and friends who can provide necessary care, but if you don’t have someone you can count on, there are professional options.

Pet Sitter Services

While your cat might not require all of the attention that a dog would crave while their owner is away, they still need someone to look in on them, provide them with fresh food and water, and scoop out that litter box. A pet sitter is a great way to ensure that your cat gets to stay home in their comfortable environment and still get all of the attention and care that they need. You can have an experienced, licensed, and insured pet sitter come into your home to stop by for a daily visit, spend some time with your pet, or just check on food, water, and litter box, depending on your needs.

In-home pet boarding is another option. You bring your pet to the pet sitter’s home where they will be boarded in a home environment during your trip. This can be preferable to some New Bedford pet owners who might not like the idea of giving a key and access to someone while they are away. If your pet is social and would appreciate being around other animals, this could be a good situation. However, if your cat does not like being around other animals, this might not be beneficial to them at all. At your veterinary check-up, make sure your pet has all of their required vaccinations up-to-date, especially for things that could be an issue in a boarding situation of any kind.

Traditional Boarding Services

Some veterinary offices offer boarding services, which can be a relief for pet owners who worry about their cat’s health while they are away. Experienced, trained, and certified veterinary technicians and support staff look after your pet, providing food and water, clean litter box, and attention. Cat-only boarding options are also a good idea for many pet owners. You want a boarding service that does not allow the cats to come in contact with each other, that offers a spacious environment for them to explore, and a comfortable place for them to nap and relax. While dogs might crave a social setting, many cats just want to be alone.

Contact our Dartmouth animal hospital if you are having trouble finding a traditional boarding service in your local area. We might be able to make some suggestions that you can use to choose the best option for your pet. Finding qualified boarding facilities for smaller pets can be a challenge. Choose one that specializes in chinchilla, rabbit or Guinea pig care and feeding for best results if you have an exotic or pocket pet that needs looking after while you are away.

Non-Professional Services

Sometimes the best method is to find a family member or close friend who will be willing to stop by and take care of your pet while you are away. In addition to providing food and clean water, taking care of messes and cleaning the litter boxes, a trusted friend or family member can also make sure no phone books or papers get dropped on your doorstep, bring in mail, turn lights off and on throughout your trip, and make the house look lived-in. If the lawn needs to be trimmed or the porch light can’t be put on a timer, they can help you to prevent break-ins by performing these little tasks.

Instead of payment, these family members and friends are often delighted to receive a lovely souvenir from your trip. Make sure it’s something better than hotel slippers and shampoo, but don’t go too overboard unless you are asking for a lot of help while you are away. Make sure to choose someone responsible, reliable, and that truly cares for you and your pets. This will often yield the best results. New Bedford pet owners should leave contact information for their Dartmouth animal hospital, along with instructions for a veterinary check-up, vaccinations, and emergency care, should the need arise. For other types of pets, complete Guinea pig care and feeding schedules are also beneficial.

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