Fall River Pet Owners: How to Treat Pets for Dry Winter Skin

pets with dry skin in fall riverIf you have ever experienced dry skin in the winter, you know how irritating and painful it can be. Our pets can’t speak to tell us when something is bothering them, so it’s up to us to pay attention and make sure they are healthy and comfortable year-round. Dogs and cats with dry skin in Fall River should be examined carefully by a licensed veterinarian. At Anchor Animal Hospital, our veterinary clinic in Dartmouth sees pets of all types to offer exams, treatments, and preventive programs designed to ensure a long and healthy life. Fall River pet owners can bring pets in to find out the underlying causes of skin irritations and receive dry skin treatment for dogs, cats, and other common household pets.

Why Skin Gets Dry in Winter

Pets and people frequently experience issues with dry skin during the winter months. A combination of lower temperatures, dry winds, and forced-air heating systems can significantly impact the moisture level in the air. Skin can quickly become dry, flaky, and sensitive, requiring additional treatments and steps to keep it moist and healthy. While we can simply stop by our favorite store and pick up some lotion to heal our skin in a matter of days, the options for pets are not as clear. In fact, there may be other reasons why your pet has dry skin that should be addressed instead of just reaching for a moisturizing pet conditioner at the local pet store.

Schedule an appointment with your trusted veterinary clinic in Dartmouth. We can identify the specific cause of dogs and cats with dry skin in Fall River and offer solutions that you can use at home to heal and prevent future dryness. Dandruff occurs naturally as new skin cells replace old ones and can become visible in cats and dogs as they shed. However, during the winter months, dandruff can increase and make your pets feel uncomfortable. A buildup of dandruff can be a sign of other health problems, so if you suddenly notice dry skin, itchiness, scratching, or extra dandruff on your pet, Fall River pet owners should schedule an appointment with their veterinarian.

Other Causes of Dry Skin and Dandruff – While winter is a highly likely cause of your pet’s seasonal dry skin, there are other issues that your veterinarian will check for to rule them out. Grooming can sometimes cause skin issues and require dry skin treatment for dogs and cats, along with changes to the type of grooming or products used. However, allergies, poor nutrition, skin infections, and parasites might also be at work, causing your pet to have dry skin and extra dandruff. The worst-case scenario would be diseases, such as hypothyroidism or Cushing’s disease, which can impact general health and longevity in addition to causing dry skin. Even if you think your pet’s dry skin is just due to a weather change, it is in your best interest to still consult with a professional.

What You Can Do

To prevent and aid in healing from common dry skin problems, including weather and seasonal issues, taking time to brush your dog or cat at least once or twice daily during the winter can be helpful. Increased shedding due to temperature changes can be uncomfortable, and brushing will help keep your pet’s coat and skin healthy. Brushing works to stimulate and distribute the skin’s natural oils to create a moisturizing and protective barrier. Less frequent bathing might also be helpful, as those extra baths can remove these natural oils and cause the skin to look and feel dry. Humidifiers in the home can benefit pets and people, adding moisture back into the air during the winter months.

Water and food play a significant role in the daily health of our pets. Fall River pet owners should check with their trusted veterinary clinic in Dartmouth to make sure they have a nutritionally-balanced diet for their dogs and cats. Optimal levels of essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids can help maintain healthy skin and even treat skin and coat problems. Plenty of fresh, clean water should be provided at all times to help your cat or dog maintain hydration. Even a mild case of dehydration can result in dogs and cats with dry skin in Fall River. Contact Anchor Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment to diagnose and provide dry skin treatment for dogs and cats by calling 508-996-3731.