Emergency Veterinary Hospital in Dartmouth for New Bedford Pets

emergency vet new bedfordPets are like human children in that they sometimes need emergency medical care that can’t wait for regular business hours or a scheduled appointment. When your pet needs immediate medical attention, where will you take them? Anchor Animal Hospital serves as both a Dartmouth regular vet and an emergency vet for the surrounding Southcoast area. We also collaborate with other area animal hospitals to offer our clients and their pets access to reliable veterinarian care around the clock, every day of the week. Your pet is in good hands with our Dartmouth veterinarian staff whether it’s time for surgery, sutures, or an ultrasound.

When You Need Urgent Vet Care in New Bedford

In extreme cases, it’s clear that you need to get your pet into a vet immediately. There are, however, some indicators of the need for immediate medical attention that may be more subjective. It’s crucial to strike a balance between overreacting to something that might not be serious or life-threatening and ignoring a symptom that is important. Call our Dartmouth after-hours veterinary service if you have any doubts, or better yet, bring your pet in during business hours. It will be much simpler for New Bedford pet owners to give great care throughout their pet’s life if they are well-informed on serious symptoms and when to contact their doctor.

The following are some of the signs that should prompt a trip to the vet right away include problems breathing, convulsions, choking, passing out, and loss of awareness, as well as difficulties standing or sitting due to: dogfights, vehicle accidents, toxic exposure, or any other sort of trauma. Traumatic brain injury, seizures, and seizures caused by exposure to extremely high or low temperatures and extreme symptoms such as vomiting blood, diarrhea, difficulty to pee, inability to vomit, and vomiting excessively are all causes for concern. If your pet has discomfort or swelling in the stomach or the eyes, any form of pain, or if you have any other urgent issues, visit an emergency veterinary hospital right away.

Visit a Dartmouth Emergency Vet

You can bring your pet to our Dartmouth, Massachusetts clinic for emergency veterinary care if you are in the Southcoast region of southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. From 8 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday, we are here to help the New Bedford pet owners and the surrounding area with any emergency pet care needs that may arise. Please call our emergency veterinary facility ahead of time to make sure we can accommodate your visit. In addition to general emergency treatment, we also provide ultrasound services for both humans and animals in Dartmouth.

We provide 24-hour treatment for our patients by coordinating with other nearby emergency veterinary facilities while our regular clinics are closed. Please take your pet to either MA-RI Veterinary Emergency in Swansea or Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists in Buzzards Bay if they need treatment outside of regular business hours. This is possible because we maintain strong relationships with these facilities, which allows us to obtain timely updates on your pet’s condition and do any necessary follow-up or extended treatment as soon as possible. You should also call these facilities ahead of time to be sure they can accommodate your pet and start treatment right away. Our website has both physical addresses and Google map data for easy navigation.

Caring for Animals with Excellence Since 1975

For almost 50 years, New Bedford pet owners and around the Southcoast area have relied on Anchor Animal Hospital for the highest standard of preventative, continuing, and emergency veterinary hospital care. Dr. Kate Pietsch, who took over the office in 2011, has continued and deepened the firm’s longstanding legacy of dedication to continuous education and remaining at the forefront of veterinary treatment. Since 1980, we’ve been a respected member of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), demonstrating our dedication to providing superior care to pets. Just around 15 percent of animal hospitals nationwide have achieved this level of certification, making it a significant achievement.

Give us a call at 508-996-3731 to find out more about the services we offer as a Dartmouth emergency vet and main veterinarian care provider of preventative procedures and continuing treatments. Make an appointment with one of our veterinarians after discussing your pet’s requirements with one of our helpful staff members. Cats, dogs, pocket pets, and any other common household animals are welcome here for care and services. Get in touch with us if you have an exotic pet, bird, or other animal and are interested in learning more about our specialist services.