Emergency Veterinary Hospital for Westport Pet Owners in MA

What will you do if your pet has an emergency? What if your pet needs care and you don’t have time to make an appointment? How about after hours veterinary care and services? Pets often have emergencies outside of the typical 9-5 schedule that most veterinary offices keep, so it is important to know where you will take your pet in an emergency situation.

Anchor Animal Hospital provides quality veterinary care that includes check-ups, vaccinations, nutritional guidance, and other treatments, but it is also an emergency veterinary hospital. That means that if your pet has an emergency situation, requiring the attention of a Dartmouth emergency vet, you can bring them to our clinic for care.

In addition to emergency services, Anchor Animal Hospital also does a lot of our services in-house. Veterinary ultrasound in Dartmouth is important for diagnosing certain illnesses or conditions, as is in-house X-rays, blood work and more. When you need answers fast, you can trust Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth to take care of your pet and do everything possible to return them back to good health.

What is an Emergency?
When our pets are sick, time can be extremely important to the outcome. However, not all illnesses and situations are considered to be emergencies. It is important to know what is urgent and what can wait until the office opens in the morning. While it is always better to err on the side of caution, especially if your pet is having difficulty breathing or is bleeding, you can always call your trusted Dartmouth emergency vet with any questions that you might have to determine whether your pet needs to be seen immediately or not.

Examples of emergency situations for pets include:

  • any trauma, such as getting hit by a car or falling from a considerable height
  • swelling anywhere on the body, especially if it is all of a sudden
  • bleeding from the eyes or the nose
  • bleeding from a deep wound
  • bites from any wild or neighborhood animal
  • obvious signs of pain
  • seizures, disorientation, lethargy
  • heatstroke
  • poisoning or consumption of potentially dangerous substances
  • difficulty or pain while urinating or defecating

If any of the above situations apply, rush your pet to the local emergency veterinary hospital for immediate treatment. Even if the situation ends up not being as serious as it seems initially, it is better to be over-cautious than to lose valuable time with the Dartmouth emergency vet that could save your pet’s life. If the cause of the pain, bleeding or distress is not obvious, testing can be done right away at Anchor Animal Hospital, such as veterinary ultrasound in Dartmouth, to secure a proper diagnosis.

Know Where to Go Ahead of Time
Just as you know to call 9-1-1 if you have an emergency for you or your family members, it is important to know where to go or who to call ahead of time when you have a pet emergency. Keep your veterinarian’s phone number in an easy to access location at home and enter it into your cell phone directory as well for safe keeping. Know the office hours at the animal hospital in Dartmouth, as well as contact information for after hours emergency services at affiliated local hospitals and clinics. You don’t want to waste time searching online or calling information when an emergency is occurring.

Ask your veterinarian about emergency services and keep up with regular check-ups to prevent common illnesses, conditions, diseases, and disorders from becoming emergency situations. Do everything you can to keep your pets indoors and behind secure gates and fences when at home. Do not walk pets off leash and make sure that your pet is properly vaccinated against common illnesses that can be contracted at dog parks or from wild animals. Your Dartmouth emergency vet can help you to be prepared in the event of an emergency, but they can also give you tips and advice that will help you to prevent many common problems from ever happening in the first place.

Contact Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth
If you are interested in learning more about the emergency veterinary hospital services available at Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth, please give us a call at 508-996-3731. Our team can help you to keep your pet happy and healthy through regular vet check-ups and preventive services. In-house labs, x-rays and veterinary ultrasound in Dartmouth can be obtained at our facility. We provide treatment for dogs, cats, and small mammals. In addition to being a Dartmouth emergency vet, we also provide veterinary dentistry, surgery, pain management, and alternative treatment opportunities. Call today to schedule an appointment or to speak with one of our technicians.