Dealing with skunk odor

If your pet goes outdoors, the day may come when he or she has been sprayed by a skunk. How are you going to deal with this?

First remember to prepare yourself for this exercise. Put on rubber gloves, and wear clothing and shoes which can be thrown into the washing machine or thrown out. This odor will cling to your skin and permeate your clothing. Be prepared.

Once you have prepared yourself, wipe the excess skunk spray off your pet using paper towels or clothes which you can dispose of.

We are now ready to bath your pet. You can prepare a simple solution of common household products.

  • One teaspoon of liquid soap
  • One quart of hydrogen peroxide (fresh)
  • 1/4 cup baking soda

The soap in this solution breaks down the odor producing oil in skunk spray. Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda neutralize the odor

When you mix this solution, it will foam and needs to be applied while still foaming. This solution must be mixed at the time it is to be used. It can’t be mixed and stored in advance. (Never mix this solution in a sealed container. As it foams, the pressure building in a sealed container could cause that container to explode.)

Thoroughly wash your pet with foaming solution being careful not get any in the eyes. Leave the solution on for five minutes, and then rinse your pet with warm water. Repeat the process if the odor is still present. Keep in mind that this solution may bleach your clothing or your pet’s fur.

Remember to bring your pet to Anchor Animal Hospital if he is exhibiting any distress. Distress may include red irritated eyes, open wounds or bites. Keep in mind that skunks can have rabies and if your pet has had direct contact with a skunk or a bite from a skunk you should bring him in to be examined immediately.