Dealing With Pain Management Strategies for Fairhaven Pets

Veterinary Pain Management in Fairhaven and DartmouthNo one wants their pets to suffer with pain, especially because it is often a challenge to know when a dog or cat is not feeling well. Some types of pain, such as an injury or muscle strain, can be easier to identify. A little yelping from your Chihuahua when you pick her up is often a clear sign. If you suspect that your dog or cat might be in pain, bring them in for a check-up at our Dartmouth vet hospital. We provide quality care for pets from all over the Southcoast region, including Fairhaven, Fall River, New Bedford, and Westport. In addition to basic veterinary services and vaccinations, we also offer dental care for pets and emergency services, including veterinary ultrasound in Dartmouth. It is important to have a trusted, local veterinarian that you can come to for regular vet care for cats and dogs.

Surgical Pain Management

One of the ways that we offer pain management strategies to our pet patients is following a surgical procedure. A wide range of surgeries are performed by our doctors at Anchor Animal Hospital, ranging from routine spay and neuter operations to much more complicated procedures. We require pre-anesthetic blood screening for all surgeries. This helps us to identify any underlying issues that may not be obvious before we get your pet into surgery. Our team can plan accordingly and create a custom strategy for anesthesia and pain management to ensure adequate pain relief and smooth recovery.

In addition to caring for anesthesia and pain management, our team uses the placement of an IV and the administration of fluids to help maintain your pet’s blood pressure during surgery. While under anesthesia, your pet will be fully monitored using our state-of-the-art multi-parameter machine to track heart rate, respiratory rate, end-tidal CO2, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and temperature. Our goal is to provide your pet with top quality care during pre-op work, surgery, post-op, and ongoing recovery.

Acute Pain Management

Vet care for cats and dogs in Massachusetts often includes pain management treatment for minor strains and sprains. Other injuries, such as disc-related conditions that do not require surgery can often be effectively treated with prescription medication at home. Rest is typically recommended as the body heals, but many of our pet patients do very well with a conservative, pain management approach to dealing with injuries. In some instances, a more aggressive treatment or surgery may be recommended, so it is crucial to get a professional diagnosis from your local Dartmouth vet hospital.

To aid in diagnostics at Anchor Animal Hospital, we utilize a radiology machine or X-ray, as well as veterinary ultrasound in Dartmouth. X-rays can help to quickly diagnose an injury or rule out certain conditions, as well as part of dental care for pets. We are proud to offer ultrasound exams at our veterinary hospital, as they are an important tool in providing quality vet care for cats and dogs, as well as other pet patients that we serve. Abdominal ultrasound can help to diagnose a variety of serious diseases that can cause pain, including bladder stones, kidney disease, pancreatitis, tumors, liver disease, gastrointestinal obstructions and more.

Chronic Pain Management

If your pet suffers from ongoing pain due to arthritis, disc degeneration or other common conditions, our team can help. Dental care for pets can help with inflamed gums, periodontal disease, and other painful issues that can affect other areas of your pet’s health. Acupuncture, laser therapy, and pain management at our Dartmouth vet hospital may be prescribed to help alleviate or lessen pain caused by chronic back pain, muscle tension, nerve disease, oncology pain, and other issues. If your pet has been dealing with chronic pain or if you suspect that they might be in pain even though they have not been formally diagnosed, please contact our office.

Through the use of highly trained, skilled and experienced veterinary staff, along with state-of-the-art equipment and veterinary ultrasound in Dartmouth, Anchor Animal Hospital can help you create a custom pain management plan for your pet. If you need vet care for cats and dogs, rabbits, rodents, and other pocket pets, please give us a call at 508-996-3731 to schedule an appointment.