Dartmouth Vet Hospital and Professional Dental Care for Pets

Dartmouth dental care for dogs and catsMany people are unaware that dental care for pets is just as vital as their own, even though most people are aware that yearly dental cleanings and exams are essential to maintaining excellent health. According to studies, by the time they are just three years old, approximately 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have some form of periodontal disease. When pets see their local veterinarian for normal care, dental care is typically limited to a simple check-up. However, to maintain top-notch feline and canine dental care for cats and dogs, yearly cleanings and exams under anesthesia are necessary. At our Dartmouth vet hospital, we also offer advanced dentistry. At Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth, our staff is fully qualified and experienced to provide top-notch veterinary dental care for pets.

Dartmouth Vet Hospital Dental Care

Regular dental examinations and cleanings for your pet can not only assist to prevent a variety of dental health problems, but they can also help to prevent difficulties with other illnesses and ailments that could have an influence on your pet’s health as they age. Plaque, which is created when bacteria accumulate in the mouth, is what causes periodontal disease. As the bacteria decay, the calcium in your pet’s saliva causes them to become calcified, which is what is referred to as tartar. If tartar is not removed, it can cause gingivitis and a root-related infection. The tissues around the tooth are destroyed during the advanced stages of gingivitis, and the natural socket that holds the tooth in place erodes, rendering the tooth loose and allowing it to slip out.

Broken teeth might also result from poor dental hygiene. Many animals may chew on toys like bones or antlers, which can result in teeth falling out. In addition to making it more difficult for your pet to chew and consume healthy meals, broken teeth can expose the nerve, which can cause pain and even infection. Any kind of infection increases your pet’s risk of developing heart diseases, blood pressure issues, and other health issues, among other things. Scheduling a veterinary examination to give your pet the necessary dental treatment is the finest thing you can do for them. We provide complete feline and canine dental care at our Dartmouth vet hospital, focusing on preventive treatments and programs to keep your pet’s teeth strong and healthy.

Your Pet’s First Dental Cleaning

Your pet will require general anesthesia during the dental cleaning in order to safeguard both them and the veterinary personnel during the procedure. Plaque and tartar are removed from teeth using dental instruments, and any nicks in the enamel are polished out using a specialized polishing paste. The teeth will be strengthened and desensitized with a fluoride or barrier sealant to help stop the growth of new plaque. During the cleaning, X-rays are routinely performed to look for damage to the teeth below the gumline. Since the majority of the tooth is located below the gum line, x-rays are crucial to determining the state of the mouth as a whole.

We recommend pet owners to have a pre-anesthetic blood screening before their pet has feline or canine dental care at Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth. Senior pets seven years of age and older are required to do this. Pre-treatment screening enables us to identify any potential issues and develop solutions to lower risks throughout the operation. In order to give your pet the best pain relief and the fastest recovery possible, our experts will develop a customized anesthetic regimen that is personalized just for your pet. A state-of-the-art multiparameter machine will watch your pet’s heart and respiratory rates, end-tidal CO2, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, and temperature while they are unconscious.

Professional Care in Dartmouth

Our staff at Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth is skilled and experienced in sophisticated dentistry operations in addition to dental cleanings, x-rays, and screenings. In order to provide our clients with the best services possible for canine and feline dental care, the Animal Dental Training Center provided specialized training for our veterinary personnel. Any cracked, infected, or otherwise damaged teeth are removed surgically to reduce postoperative discomfort and speed up recovery. Our staff makes use of a cutting-edge digital dental x-ray machine that can provide incredibly high-quality images in just five seconds. Additionally, we offer our clients dietary advice that helps slow the development of dental disease and tartar buildup at home between cleanings.

Call 508-996-3731 to make an appointment with our team of veterinary dentistry specialists for a feline or canine dental examination. Any inquiries you may have regarding pet dentistry, Dartmouth advanced dentistry costs, or any of our other services will be met with a prompt response from us. Call the Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth right now to give your pets the best dental care possible.