COVID-19 Updates

In this time of uncertainty, we are here for you and your pet(s). We will keep you up to date with what is going on and how we can best help your pets.

As Massachusetts begins the process of reopening we are closely monitoring the situation. The safety of our team, our clients, and our patients is our top priority. At this time we will be continuing to follow use curbside check-in/check-out and having client wait outside during your pet's exam. We have reduced our hours to 8-6 Monday-Friday and 8-5 on Saturday.

In Hospital Appointments, Surgeries, and Telemedicine

We will be open for urgent and sick care appointments. We will be seeing limited wellness exams to ensure pets do not fall behind on their annual vaccines and wellness care, but we will be scheduling vaccine and wellness appointments 2-4 weeks out from the time you call. We will be able to perform limited surgeries on a case by case basis, including routine spays and neuters.

We do have the ability to do telemedicine for active patients. This will allow our veterinarians to have a video conference with you, review any photos or videos you have of your pet's concern and get a complete history. In some cases, the veterinarian will be able to recommend treatment and prescribe necessary medication without your pet having to come into the hospital. If your pet does need to come into the hospital for further care the TeleTails appointment will still provide the veterinarian information to be able to better treat your pet in the hospital.

Please note: Due to veterinary practice guidelines a telemedicine consultation can only be offered to patients who have been seen in the hospital in the past 12 months. For existing clients with a patient not seen in the past 12 months, we will offer tele-triage prior to an in-hospital exam. Teletriage allows the veterinarian to get a medical history but we will not be able to give out medical advice until your pet has been seen in the hospital.

To get started on TeleTails please go to

Coming in for an Appointment

Until further notice no clients will be allowed into the hospital, if your pet needs to come in to be seen we will do curbside admission. Our staff will speak to you over the phone to get a history and then bring your pet in for an exam. Our doctor will call you after the exam to discuss your pet's health just as they would during a regular exam.

Prescriptions and Pet Food

We have express pick up for prescriptions from a locked box outside of the hospital and car side delivery for food. We will be taking payments online, over the phone or car side.

We are here for you and your pet! Please reach out to us with questions or concerns.