Continuing Scheduled Vet Care in Southeastern Massachusetts

veterinary care in Dartmouth, MAWhile much has changed over the past few weeks, some things remain the same. Everyone is concerned with “essential” or “necessary” services, focusing on the urgent situation at hand. However, scheduled vet care for cats and dogs, including vaccinations, veterinary check-up appointments, and preventive services, should not be overlooked or neglected. Your local veterinarian in South Coast is still available and can provide pet owners in Southeastern Massachusetts with the necessary services they need to keep their pets healthy.

Keeping Pets and People Safe

Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth is still open to provide care for urgent and sick care appointments. However, we are also seeing limited wellness exams to ensure that our patients to not fall behind on their essential annual vaccines and preventive services care. Even though people are staying indoors and away from dog parks and other areas where disease and illness can be spread, it is still important to keep up with preventive treatments for things like fleas, ticks, heartworm, and ensure that your pet is up-to-date with rabies shots and other vaccines.

Working as a veterinarian in South Coast, Anchor Animal Hospital has reduced our hours, and we require drop-off services for veterinary check-up services and exams. Pet owners in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island can contact our facility in advance to schedule an appointment, bring their pets in for curbside admission, and either wait in the parking lot or receive a phone call when services are complete. We have also added a pick-up option for veterinary prescriptions in a lock box outside the hospital and are offering car-side delivery services for pet food. We can take payments online, over the phone, or car-side, depending on your preferences and abilities.

Prevention is Essential Year-Round

One thing that South Coast pet owners need to know is that parasites and pests can threaten your pet year-round. This isn’t just a spring and summer thing or something that only comes around in the fall; studies reveal that fleas and ticks, as well as other known pet parasites, can occur even in the coldest part of winter. Some of these pests can even impact the health of your human family members in some pretty serious ways. Your best bet is to make sure you reduce the risk of exposure to your pet and your household by working with your veterinarian in South Coast to create a comprehensive preventive approach.

Anchor Animal Hospital recommends regular testing of fresh stool samples at wellness veterinary check-up visits or whenever your pet is sick. We send samples to an outside lab for processing to check for coccidia, hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms, as well as whipworms for dogs and toxoplasmosis for cats. Preventive products can be used to control fleas and ticks. We recommend that pet owners in Southeastern Massachusetts avoid over-the-counter remedies and treatments, as they have become less effective in recent years. Ask about our heartworm disease prevention and other methods that can be used to reduce risks for both indoor and outdoor pets.

A High Standard of Excellence

Pet owners need to find vet care for cats and dogs in their local area that they feel comfortable with and trust to keep their pets safe and healthy. Anchor Animal Hospital goes above and beyond to maintain a high standard of excellence and is accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) since 1980. There are only approximately 15 percent of veterinary hospitals in the country that maintain this accreditation, which involves regular reviews and inspections to ensure that we are keeping up with the latest veterinary techniques and technology.

We not only provide regular veterinary check-up, preventive care, and other wellness services, but also emergency treatments, surgeries, advanced dental care, pain management, nutrition, laser therapy, and veterinary acupuncture to best serve the needs and health concerns of our patients. Located in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, we provide comprehensive services to patients throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Since 1975, Anchor Animal Hospital has worked hard to earn a solid reputation in the local area for providing a high standard of care and professional services. Contact our team to schedule an appointment with a veterinarian in South Coast or to learn more about the services we provide by calling 508-996-3731.