Commercial Pet Beds 101: Options for New Bedford Pet Owners

new bedford pet ownersFall and winter are rapidly approaching, so it’s time to think about comfortable beds for your pets. Similar to people, pets just want to curl up in a soft spot to sleep when the temperature begins to drop. Make sure that your pets have access to a warm and dry space for sleeping and that you choose a bed that suits their needs. Vet care for cats and dogs, as well as other bed-loving species, is essential for long and healthy life. Our Dartmouth animal hospital can provide New Bedford pet owners with new pet exams, check-ups, and advice throughout every stage of their pet’s life. Massachusetts seasonal pet tips are essential to help ensure the safety and well-being of your pet throughout the year.

Type of Bed

Mattresses have changed a lot in recent years. Memory foam, adjustable frames, and all sorts of bells and whistles are now available for humans – and their pets. While some people might consider a pet bed to be a “luxury” item, the truth is that pet beds can help your dog or cat in many ways. Pet beds provide a sense of security, a comfortable spot to rest, and a special place where they know they can go when they need a break. For dogs, a pet bed can be a territorial item, so be sure to offer a bed for each dog in your home. For cats, some will refuse to use a pet bed and instead prefer to sleep on your bed, a pillow, a sofa, or even freshly washed laundry.

Some of the beds available to choose from for New Bedford pet owners include:

  • orthopedic beds – excellent for older pets with joint pain, thin pets with prominent bones, and pets with painful pressure points; choose from a memory foam sleeper, cozy pet cave, luxury pet sofa or something recommended by your vet at a visit to the Dartmouth animal hospital
  • bolster or donut beds – typically rounded, these beds have cushioned bolsters on the sides for pets who like to lean up against something; great for smaller dogs and cats, many find that this style helps to retain body heat in the colder months; choose from donut beds, small curved sleepers, or luxury sofas that are “overstuffed”
  • pillow or cushion beds – a simple bed that features a comfortable pillow; excellent for dogs and cats that like to stretch out or curl up in comfort; squares, rectangles, circles and more can be chosen, depending on the size and style that you prefer
  • cot-style beds – used by veterinarians and animal shelters to keep pets above the ground and off the floor, these beds are usually made from waterproof, breathable fabric that makes for easy cleaning and care; support can be useful for senior pets, and the durability of these beds makes it perfect for dogs that tear up other types of beds
  • heated beds – there are many different types of heated beds due to safety concerns; some plug into the wall but regulate heat to prevent over-heating, while others “heat” based upon reflected and retained body heat from the pet, and other styles rely on microwaved internal pieces to provide a small amount of heat for a few hours
  • furniture-style beds – some beds look just like the furniture you have in your home, but on a pet-size scale; sofas, chairs, and beds can be purchased that go with the style and color scheme of your home and appeal to your pet’s interest in sleeping on furniture; prices range from affordable to luxury models with varying degrees of comfort and support

Size of Bed

The great news is that there are many different sizes of beds that can be chosen based on your needs. The way your pet sleeps should be your guide. If you have two or more pets, do they sleep apart or curled up together? If they prefer to stay together, a larger bed might be in order. Many manufacturers will provide information on the size and weight of the pet for recommended use, offering the same bed in small, medium, large, and extra-large options. Pets who curl up may need less space than those who sprawl or stretch out when they sleep. Senior pets may require beds that are lower to the ground or have a minimal step up to prevent slipping or other injuries, while young and active pets may like jumping up onto something to sleep.

Not sure what your pet needs? New Bedford pet owners can discuss their pet’s needs when they come to our Dartmouth animal hospital for a veterinary check-up. We can make recommendations based on your pet’s species, age, and any health considerations. However, each pet is different, so you might need a bit of trial and error before finding the best bed.

You know your pet better than anyone else, so it pays to take some time to think about your pet when choosing a bed. It also is essential to consider your pet’s behaviors when picking out toys, bedding, and anything else that might be used when you are not there to supervise. Some pet owners will give blankets at night, but remove them from the crate or safe area while they are away from the house at work or school. Figuring out reliable solutions will help provide you with peace of mind and prevent your pet from becoming injured while you are not at home.

Vet Care for Cats and Dogs

For the best veterinary services, emergency care, preventive treatments, and Massachusetts seasonal pet tips, contact Anchor Animal Hospital. Since 1975, our Dartmouth animal hospital has provided quality care to pets and pet owners throughout the Southcoast area. Give us a call at 508-996-3731 to speak with one of our team members or to schedule an appointment.