Choose the Best Southeastern Massachusetts Vet for Your Pet

choose-the-best-vetWhen it’s time for you to visit the doctor for your annual physical or to receive treatment for a specific condition, you want to make sure that you get the very best in care. The same holds true for your pets, we want to make sure that we get them to the very best Southeastern Massachusetts veterinarian or clinic, whether we are seeking winter tips for small pets or need treatment for anxiety issues in dogs. Figuring out which Dartmouth vet hospital is best for you and your pet can be complicated, especially if you aren’t sure what type of services you will need. This article will provide you with a guide to choosing the best veterinary clinic for your pet based on your individual requirements and needs.

Plan Ahead for Veterinary Care
Don’t just wait until something happens to your pet to start looking around for qualified and experienced veterinary services. If you are planning to adopt or have just adopted a new pet, it is important that you start checking out the local clinics and hospitals to find out which one meets your needs best. If your pet needs emergency services, you don’t want to just take him anywhere that is convenient or that happens to be open, you want to make sure that the veterinary staff will be able to treat your pet based his unique needs and situation. Don’t leave veterinary care to chance, make sure to choose your Dartmouth vet hospital ahead of time before you require immediate attention.

Factors That Can Help You Choose
In addition to getting references for a Southeastern Massachusetts veterinarian from other area pet owners, there are other factors regarding the pet hospital or clinic that can help you make your choice. Here is a list of factors that you can use to help narrow down your option and make the decision to go with a particular veterinarian or clinic that much easier.

Location, Location, Location
Sometimes the best bet is to choose a local Dartmouth vet hospital because it is close to where you work or live. Convenience is, of course, a factor for many pet owners. You want to make sure that you can get your pet to the veterinary office right away, especially in an emergency situation.

Hours and Availability
Another convenience factor that can help you choose the best veterinary hospital for your pet is the hours that they are open and the availability for access in relation to your schedule. Anchor Animal Hospital has a wide range of operation hours, provides a variety of services from check-ups to surgical services, and offers weekend hours for busy pet owners, as well.

Specialty Services
If you have a unique or exotic pet, you will want to make sure that the Southeastern Massachusetts veterinarian that you choose has the training and ability to treat your special type of pet. You will also want to make sure that any special services that your pet requires, such as the treatment of anxiety issues in dogs, ultrasound, pet dentistry, surgery, pain management and other treatments, are available.

Check Credentials
Not every veterinary hospital is created equal. The types of services that can be provided are based upon the education, training and other credentials that the veterinarians and other veterinary care providers who work there have received. For example, the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) approval, which is not given to every licensed veterinarian, is one of those credentials that you should look for when choosing a vet. Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth, MA is an AAHA accredited hospital, which has been providing top quality services to locals in the South Coast area since 1975.

Open Communication
Another important qualification of a good veterinarian is the ability to communicate with pet parents openly. If something is wrong with your pet, or if you are seeking information, such as winter tips for small pets, you will want to make sure you are able to communicate openly and freely to receive the details you need to provide proper care for your pet. You can visit the local Dartmouth vet hospital to see how the veterinarian and staff members communicate with other pet owners and how their pets are treated. This is a big indication of the type of services you will receive when you bring your pet in to see the Southeastern Massachusetts veterinarian.

Veterinary Equipment
In addition to having the education and skills to treat your pet, whether it is for surgery, exams or to treat specialty problems like anxiety issues in dogs or for providing winter tips for small pets like hamsters, Guinea pigs and birds, the clinic needs to have the right equipment to get the job done. Speak with the veterinary clinic to make sure that they can accommodate your pet and provide all of the required treatments on-site to ensure that you are getting the very best of care.

Call Anchor Animal Hospital Today!
If you are looking for a new Dartmouth vet hospital or clinic and live or work in the South Coast area, call Anchor Animal Hospital today at 508-996-3731. Our staff can answer any questions that you might have about our local Southeastern Massachusetts veterinarian team and can provide you with information about specialty treatment options, office hours, emergency services and anything else you might need to make an informed decision about veterinary care.