Tips for New Bedford Pet Owners: Holiday Safety for Our Pets

For many people, pets are an essential part of their family, and they participate in many activities, including preparations and celebrations for the holiday season. While the holidays might look a little different this year for many people across the country, many things will still go on that could potentially harm curious pets. Your local…

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Pets Are Not Presents: Vet Care for Cats and Dogs in Dartmouth

We’ve all seen the feel-good holiday movies where a girlfriend, wife, child, or family is “gifted” a kitten or a puppy on Christmas morning. The bright red bow around the neck, the puppy popping up out of the decorated box, the recipient squealing in delight – it all paints a perfect picture of holiday bliss.…

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How to Choose the Best Small Rodents as Pets in Dartmouth, MA

Taking care of larger pets, such as cats and dogs, can be a challenge for many people, depending on their situation. If you don’t have access to a backyard for letting the dog out to “do his business” and are forced to walk them several times a day, it can be difficult – especially in…

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Pet Fire Safety Tips: Keep Pets Safe From Fire in Southcoast

pet fire safety in Southcoast

Every year in the month of July, veterinarians and animal experts promote National Pet Fire Safety Day on the 15th. However, learning how to keep pets safe from fire is something that should be done every day of the year. As you might have guessed, many of the fire safety tips for pets that you…

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Dartmouth Emergency Vet Services & Care for South Coast Pets

emergency veterinary care in south coast

There are certain situations in life when you might require the services of an emergency veterinarian. Our pets can experience a crisis that demands immediate assistance. Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth provides pet owners in the South Coast area with a wide range of services, including emergency veterinary support. It is essential to know which…

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Continuing Scheduled Vet Care in Southeastern Massachusetts

veterinary care in Dartmouth, MA

While much has changed over the past few weeks, some things remain the same. Everyone is concerned with “essential” or “necessary” services, focusing on the urgent situation at hand. However, scheduled vet care for cats and dogs, including vaccinations, veterinary check-up appointments, and preventive services, should not be overlooked or neglected. Your local veterinarian in…

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Telemedicine Veterinary Care & Services in Dartmouth for Pets

telemedicine veterinary care in dartmouth

Like many other businesses and services in the South Coast area, Anchor Animal Hospital has had to make changes to the way that we serve our customers. It is important to know that vet care for cats and dogs is considered an essential service and will continue to be open to provide sick care appointments,…

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Pet Nutrition and Diet: Ask a Veterinarian in Massachusetts

pet nutrition and health massachusetts

There are a lot of thoughts in the pet-owner community about pet nutrition and diet. Some of it is very positive and comes from professional veterinary specialists who are an authorized voice on feline and canine nutritional needs. However, some of it is not medically sound advice and should be disregarded. How do you, as…

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The Best Way to Love Our Pets: Veterinary Care in Massachusetts

vet care in Massachusetts

The number one reason why pet owners adopt a pet in the first place is companionship. Adults, children, seniors, families – we all benefit in many ways from having pets in our lives. The best way to love our pets is to provide them with quality veterinary care in Massachusetts. Vet care for cats and…

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Fall River Pet Owners: How to Keep Your Pets Warm in Winter

keep fall river pets warm in winter

Even during so-called mild winter conditions in New England, the temperature can drop pretty close to freezing – even throughout the day. Some of the best seasonal tips for pets in the Southcoast area include how to keep cats and dogs warm without overheating them and learning about habitat and care for small pets, such…

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