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Winter Cat Care Tips: Southeastern Massachusetts Pet Owners

winter cat care tips in southeastern massachusetts

While there are many differing opinions with pet owners regarding indoor and outdoor cats, regardless of your stance, there are things you need to know to provide proper care for your cat during the winter months. Seasonal pet tips are valuable, whether your cat lives indoors or outdoors. Some pet owners keep their cats outdoors…

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Boarding Your Pet in Massachusetts: How to Prepare Your Pet

prepare pet for boarding in dartmouth

The holiday season often means trips out of town for days at a time to a location where many pets cannot come along. Unless you are lucky enough to have a trusted friend, neighbor, or family member who can provide care, feeding, and attention to your pet, you might need to take them to a…

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Pet Health and Fitness: Comprehensive Vet Care in Dartmouth

pet health and fitness massachusetts

Quality veterinary care and ongoing home care can help to add years to your pet’s life. Pet health and fitness, along with veterinary exams, vaccinations, preventive services, and dental care for pets, are part of a comprehensive approach to a long and healthy life. Work closely with your local veterinary clinic in Dartmouth to provide…

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Westport Pet Owners: Where to Go for Emergency Vet Services?

emergency veterinary care in westport

Not unlike a human child, pets often require medical attention after hours, on weekends, or urgently without being able to wait for an appointment. Where will you bring your pet when they are in need of an emergency veterinary hospital? Anchor Animal Hospital provides quality preventive care and treatments to pets in the Southcoast area,…

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Dry Skin Issues in Dogs and Cats: Winter Health in Dartmouth

When the fall and winter seasons come around, many people reach for the lotion to help prevent their skin from drying out, cracking, and feeling uncomfortable. Your pets can experience a similar dryness, but many pet owners don’t think about dry skin issues in dogs and cats. Work with your local veterinarian at Anchor Animal…

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Traveling Pets: Preventive Veterinary Care in Fall River, MA

southcoast travel with pets in new england

You have pets. Your parents have pets. Your friends have pets. Your siblings have pets. What are the chances that at some point during this holiday season, you will either travel with your pets or have a family member travel to see you and bring their pet? It’s great when everyone can get together for…

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Home for the Holidays: Seasonal Tips for New Bedford Pet Owners

holiday pet tips new bedford

Even the most socialized pet can get stressed out around the holidays. Guests are coming and going, packages are being delivered, new smells and foods are being prepared, and of course – that big tree in the living room. Whether you have a large gathering of friends and family or just a quiet get together…

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Annual Check-Up for Pets: Dartmouth Veterinary Clinic Services

annual veterinary check-up dartmouth

Preventing and catching diseases early is essential for both pets and people. When it comes to dogs and cats, it is important to remember that they age faster than we do. A year is more like five to seven years in growth and development, which makes it even more necessary to schedule a yearly veterinary…

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Safety Tips for Pet Owners: Westport Halloween Candy Dangers

massachusetts halloween candy and pets

While your pets should not be given candy of any kind due to the high amounts of sugar and potential choking hazards that they present, certain types of candy are even more dangerous. Unfortunately, all of these candies are popular during the Halloween and Fall Festival season. Pet owners in Westport, Dartmouth, New Bedford, Fall…

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Veterinary Dentistry in Dartmouth: Feline and Canine Dental

veterinary dentistry in dartmouth

Cats don’t care if they have crooked teeth and dogs could really care less about their reputation for having bad breath. However, when it comes to dental care for pets, it’s more than just aesthetics and hygiene – it could be a case of life versus death. Veterinary dentistry in Dartmouth is essential for the…

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