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Feline and Canine Dental Care: Veterinarian in South Coast

South Coast Veterinary Dentistry

While some pet owners may have been dubious when it was new, most understand today that dental care for pets is an essential part of ongoing health care. Routine check-ups of your pet’s teeth and gums can help to identify many common health concerns before they become significant problems. A healthy mouth should have normal…

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What is Involved in Advanced Dentistry in Dartmouth for Pets?

One of the biggest issues faced by pets in the United States today is dental disease. Studies reveal that somewhere between 70-80 percent of all cats and dogs will have some degree of dental disease by the time they are just three years of age. Dental disease is spreading rapidly and is considered to be…

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Importance of Annual Check-Ups & Feline Dental in Dartmouth

One of the most important things that a responsible cat owner can do is to make sure that they bring their pet in for an annual veterinary check-up at a trusted Southeastern Massachusetts veterinarian. Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth provides a wide variety of veterinary services, including feline dental care, which are designed to increase…

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Dental Care for Pets in Dartmouth: Advanced Dentistry Services

Pet owners are becoming more aware of the importance of dental care for both cats and dogs. Years ago, most people shrugged off this important service, thinking that it was just another trendy treatment that wasn’t necessary unless their pet had severe dental problems. Today, a more preventive approach is being taken at veterinary clinics…

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Canine Dental Care: How to Prevent Surgery for Westport Dogs

When it comes to dental hygiene for your four-legged friend, it can’t be stressed enough the importance of both home and professional care. While most vets will tell you that you need to start from the time that your dog is a puppy, it’s never too late to start. Surgery for dental issues can be…

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The Importance of Canine & Feline Dental Care in Westport, MA

If you have a cat or a dog, it is important to provide them with the care that they need to live a long and healthy life. Westport pet owners can take advantage of all the services provided at our veterinary clinic in Dartmouth, including annual check-ups, vaccinations, preventive treatments, and dental care. In addition…

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New Bedford Pet Health: Feline & Canine Dental Care at Home

If you are experiencing bad breath in dogs and cats or if you notice that your pet’s teeth are not in very good shape, they would benefit from professional dental care for pets at your local veterinary office. However, to avoid medical issues and problems that can come from poor dental care, New Bedford pet…

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Dental Care for Pets in Dartmouth, MA: Advanced Vet Dentistry

Taking care of your pet’s teeth is more than just brushing and giving them crunchy treats to combat tartar. When it comes to canine dental care and feline dental care, veterinarians are teaching pet owners that dental care for pets is much more important than they realize. Today, dental disease has been recognized as one…

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Dental Care for Pets: What New Bedford Pet Owners Need to Know

Did you know that poor dental care for pets can cause other health problems? Did you know that other health issues can cause dental problems for your pet? Your pet’s teeth and gums should be checked by your veterinarian at least once each year. This will help them to spot problems early on and keep…

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Why Regular Veterinary Care is So Important in Massachusetts

Unfortunately, as pet owners we often treat our pets the way we treat ourselves: only coming in for a check-up or treatment when we are sick or if something has gone wrong. The truth is that we would all be healthier if we got regular check-ups and care as a preventive approach to illness and…

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