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Seasonal Pet Tips: Weather Warnings for Westport Pet Owners

weather warnings for westport pet owners

Now that fall is “officially” here; it’s time for Westport pet owners to start thinking about cold weather care for indoor and outdoor pets. A veterinary check-up can be a great way to get the new season started and ensure that your pet has all of the care and support they need to have a…

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Mosquitoes and Pets: Vet Care for Massachusetts Cats and Dogs

mosquitoes and pets in Massachusetts - EEE and WNV

Most people who live in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island are acutely aware of the issues surrounding mosquitoes and the deadly diseases that they can carry. Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) and West Nile Virus in Massachusetts have been all over the news as cases of these diseases have been on the rise throughout the summer.…

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Dental Care for Cats & Dogs: Advanced Dentistry in Dartmouth

dental care veterinary in Dartmouth

Most people understand that dental care is instrumental in their overall health. Unfortunately, many pet owners are not told of the importance of canine dental care and feline dental care as part of total veterinary care in Massachusetts. Dental disease is very common in both cats and dogs. If left untreated, there are many side…

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Seasonal Grooming Tips for Cats, Dogs, and Common Pocket Pets

seasonal grooming MA pets

Back-to-school sales and crossing guards are the signal to all residents in the Southeastern Massachusetts area that fall and winter are on their way. As summer fades away, it is time for pet owners to shift gears and start making all of the changes necessary to protect our fur babies from the cold, wet, and…

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4 Reasons Why Training for Fall River Pet Owners Makes Sense

puppy training programs

Congratulations on adopting a new puppy! If you take the time to do what’s best for the pup and your family, you can expect many years of happiness, love, and companionship for everyone involved. Fall River pet owners who want to start off on the right foot with a new pet might consider enrolling in…

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Essential Vaccinations: Vet Care for New Bedford Cats & Dogs

essential veterinary vaccinations

There is a lot of new information available these days concerning vaccinations, both for people and pets. In the light of recent discoveries, many pet owners may be wondering which vaccinations are required, and which ones can be skipped after the initial protection is provided. The best way to know what type of vet care…

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Smart Summer Care Tips for Pets in Southeastern Massachusetts

summer care for pets in southeastern massachusetts

Summer is the perfect season to spend time outdoors with family and pets. There’s so much to do that just can’t be done in the winter. Warm days, weekend trips, and walks along the shore can be a great way to make the most out of this wonderful time of year. However, when it comes…

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Flea Prevention in Massachusetts at Dartmouth Animal Hospital

flea prevention massachusetts

While fleas can be a problem year-round, the worst season by far is summer. Warm weather and increased humidity create an ideal condition for flea reproduction and survival. Combine this with humans taking their pets outdoors more frequently or spending more time outside of the house in the summertime, and you have a recipe for…

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Canine Dental Care in Dartmouth: Advanced Dentistry Solutions

canine dental care in dartmouth

Dogs are not known for having the best smelling breath. They eat a meat-based diet, most refuse to have their teeth brushed, they drink out of toilets, and they lick – well, just about everything. One of the most popular playground insults of all time was to call someone “dog breath.” That being said, dental…

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Statistics Regarding Spay & Neuter in Massachusetts for Pets

massachusetts spay and neuter program

One of the best things that an animal lover can do is to consider spay and neuter in Massachusetts for their own pets. The statistics regarding the number of unwanted pets found in shelters all across the Southcoast region are staggering. However, there is hope. Many areas have established programs that support affordable spay and…

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