Spaying and Neutering: Veterinary Treatment for Dogs and Cats

spaying and neutering

Local pet owners should definitely give spaying or neutering their animals some thought for several excellent reasons. Apart from the finest thing we can do to assist in pet population management, it can also benefit your pet’s long-term health. Talking with your Southeastern Massachusetts veterinarian at Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth can help you learn…

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Adopting a Pet: Proper Care Means a Veterinarian Check-up

adopting a pet in Southeastern Massachusetts

Adopting an animal brings more than simply a brand-new pet into the family. You are embracing a new family member who believes you to be the source of all the love and care he requires to lead a long and healthy life. Researching what kind of pet would be best fit for your budget and…

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Dartmouth Veterinary Clinic Tips for Summer Travel with Pets

Dartmouth veterinary clinic

There’s nothing better than taking a summer trip on the open road, especially if your family pet is coming along for the ride! Even though it can be fun to travel with pets, if you’re not ready, it could be dangerous for your pet. Many pets die every year from being too hot after being…

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Professional Tips to Solve Destructive Nervousness in Dogs

nervousness in dogs

If you own a dog, you are aware that occasionally, their behavioral problems may really get on your nerves. Dog accidents on your beloved rug, chewing, and barking. But in certain circumstances, these negative actions are more common than not. Some dogs genuinely experience distress, which leads them to pee, defecate, chew, bark, howl, and…

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New Bedford Pet Owners: Check-ups & Vaccinations for Cats & Dogs

vaccinations for cats and dogs

New Bedford pet owners should consider preventive treatments, such as vaccinations and preventives, such as heartworm treatment for dogs, as a means of protecting their best furry friends from getting serious diseases and illnesses. This is the best thing that you can do for your pet to prevent them from becoming sick and to increase…

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Schedule a Veterinary Check-Up for Your Brand New Puppy in MA

new puppy check-up at your South Coast vet

There is nothing like the experience of adopting a brand new puppy. However, ensuring that you are aware of what you are getting into, providing the resources and assistance you need to start your new family member out well, and, of course, receiving the training necessary to avert any potential problems later in life. Making…

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Vaccines for Your Pet: Preventative Treatments for Cats and Dogs

vaccines for pets

Pet owners in New Bedford and the surrounding South Coast area should think carefully about preventative treatments and medicines, like heartworm treatment for dogs, to keep their furry friends from getting serious illnesses and diseases. You can keep your pet from getting many of these life-threatening diseases by taking them to the Dartmouth veterinary center…

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Preventive and Emergency Dental for Pets in Massachusetts

emergency dental for pets

The majority of pet owners are aware of the obligations that come with owning a dog or cat, including regular checkups, vaccines, preventative care, and healthy diet, but many are unaware of the significance of dental care services. To maintain the health of your pet’s teeth, gums, and mouth, Anchor Animal Hospital, your neighborhood Dartmouth…

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Winter Exercise Advice for Dog Owners in Southeastern Massachusetts

winter exercise outdoors for dogs

Like humans, dogs in America today are plagued by one of the biggest issues: they have become overly sedentary. Some dog owners, meanwhile, give their animals far more frequent exercise than just a quick walk around the neighborhood. Tips for the finest canine exercise might be useful for those who want to go above and…

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