Beneficial Seasonal Alerts and Tips for Westport Pet Owners

seasonal alerts in westport

Westport residents should start planning for winter weather now that autumn has officially arrived to New England. This includes both indoor and outdoor dogs who have different needs this time of year. Starting the new season off right by taking your pet in for a checkup at the vet will help guarantee that they get…

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Choose the Best Pet Bed: Bedding for New Bedford Pets

pet beds in new bedford

The cooler months of fall and winter are quickly approaching, so now is the time to start planning cozy bedding for your dogs. When the temperature outside starts to drop, animals, like humans, just want to find a warm, comfy place to spend the night. Choose a bed that is appropriate for your pet and…

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Planning a Trip with Your Pet: Visit a Dartmouth Vet Clinic

plan a trip with your pet in Massachusetts

Many residents in Southeastern Massachusetts are making travel plans to see family and friends in other parts of New England and the country as the holiday season approaches. It pays to have a plan in place when traveling with dogs, whether you are flying down to Florida or driving up to Vermont. To make sure…

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Emergency Vet Care vs Home First Aid for Pets in Dartmouth

emergency vet care in Dartmouth

There are still times when you’ll need emergency veterinarian care, even if your pet stays mostly indoors. A trip to the local Southeastern Massachusetts emergency vet for X-rays, consultation, and treatment may be necessary after a tumble down the stairs, a battle with another family pet, the inadvertent consumption of dangerous chemicals, or any similar…

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Massachusetts Pet Vaccinations: Required & Recommended Shots

massachusetts pet vaccinations

The vaccinations needed to protect cats and dogs against common illnesses that can be extremely contagious, harmful, and occasionally even hazardous to people should be part of their veterinary treatment. In Massachusetts, cats and dogs must receive pet immunizations at various ages, starting with when they are little kittens and pups. Visit your dependable veterinarian…

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The Dog Days of Summer at Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth

dog days of summer

Treating your animal companions as you would want to be treated is one of the top summer pet care advices for New Bedford. Even if they want to go for a stroll in the afternoon on a hot day, don’t. Would you walk barefoot on hot pavement? Even with protective booties and other covers, which…

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Allergy Information & Treatments: Pet Owners in Massachusetts

treating pets with allergies in Dartmouth

Most people think of persons who are allergic to pets when they consider the topic of allergies and pets. However, similar to humans, pets might be susceptible to allergic reactions due to environmental factors and climatic shifts. Although, like humans, cats and dogs sneeze involuntarily in response to an allergen, you may be surprised to…

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Urgent Care for Pets in Dartmouth: Anchor Animal Hospital

urgent care for pets in Massachusetts

When you own a pet, you should be worried about any disease, injury, or altered behavior since these things may have an effect on your pet’s life and health. But it’s crucial to know the difference between concerns that may be handled at a regular consultation and urgent veterinary services that might call for a…

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Visit a Veterinarian in South Coast for Pet Allergy Treatments

seasonal pet allergies in New Bedford

The majority of people immediately conjure up images of allergic responses in humans when they think of pets and allergies. However, much like people, dogs can develop allergies, and many of these allergies are related to local environmental factors and seasonal weather variations. You might be shocked to learn that while cats and dogs do…

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Parasite Prevention in Dartmouth for Mosquito Related Concerns

mosquito concerns in Dartmouth Massachusetts

The majority of residents in Southeast Massachusetts and Rhode Island are well aware of the problems posed by mosquitoes and the potentially fatal diseases they may spread. As incidences of these illnesses have been increasing all summer, Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) and West Nile Virus in Massachusetts have dominated the news. Even though fall is…

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