Preventive Vet Services for Cats and Dogs in Dartmouth, MA

preventive vet services

Investing in preventative veterinarian care is a great strategy to ensure the health of your pets. Animal hospitals in Dartmouth may assist pet owners take responsibility of their pets’ health by arranging exams and yearly check-ups, prescribing preventative care drugs, administering immunizations, and providing guidance on how to extend medical care for cats and dogs.…

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Anchor Animal Hospital in Massachusetts: Exercise and Feeding

exercise and feeding for pets in Massachusetts

The news is constantly filled with stories about pet food and its safety. It can be challenging for pet owners to determine which brands and types of food are optimal for cats and dogs. When it comes to proper pet care and food, your South Coast veterinarian will provide the greatest recommendations. As with human…

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Holiday Treats and Pets: Top Tips for New Bedford Pet Owners

Every season brings on a brand new array of concerns or hazards for your pet. From holiday decorations to family gatherings, pets often suffer the most when special foods, new people, and party situations occur. It’s not just enough to know that chocolate is toxic for pets or that you should find a comfortable place…

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Nutritional Needs of Pets: Best Southcoast Veterinary Advice

In a pet-centric market that is oversaturated with options for food, treats, and supplements, the best course of action is to seek professional advice from your veterinarian when you visit our Dartmouth animal hospital. The annual veterinary check-up is an excellent opportunity to discuss your pet’s nutritional needs. The type of food, the amount to…

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Pet Rescue and Adopting Puppies and Kittens in Massachusetts

Bringing a new pet into your home, whether it is your first or a new member of an existing pack, can be challenging. However, the benefits of adding a pet to your family can be extremely positive. Adopting puppies and kittens in Massachusetts can be quite different from adopting a young adult or senior pet.…

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Rabbit Care and Feeding: Best Veterinary Care in Massachusetts

After cats, dogs, and pocket pets, one of the most popular pets in America is the rabbit. There are many different varieties, ranging from the beloved mini lop, French lop, and garden variety bunny. Unlike cats and dogs, rabbits offer unique benefits, such as being virtually non-allergenic and offering a much quieter companionship. You can…

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Care for Overweight Pets: Dartmouth Vet Hospital Consultation

According to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHN), of which Anchor Animal Hospital is an accredited member, pet obesity has become an epidemic. Improper nutrition, too many treats, eating from the table, and other bad habits have contributed significantly to increased weight in both cats and dogs throughout the country. In one study, which was…

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Preventive Veterinary Services for Cats and Dogs in Dartmouth

preventive veterinary services

One of the best ways to keep your pets healthy is to take a proactive approach with preventive veterinary services. Your local Dartmouth animal hospital can help you take charge of your pet’s wellbeing by scheduling examinations and annual check-ups, prescribing preventive care medications, providing vaccinations, and offering advice that you can use to expand…

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Fall River Pet Owners: How to Treat Pets for Dry Winter Skin

pets with dry skin in fall river

If you have ever experienced dry skin in the winter, you know how irritating and painful it can be. Our pets can’t speak to tell us when something is bothering them, so it’s up to us to pay attention and make sure they are healthy and comfortable year-round. Dogs and cats with dry skin in…

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Pocket Pet Care in Southcoast: Habitat & Care for Small Pets

pocket pet care in southcoast

When people think about adopting small rodents as pets, such as hamsters, gerbils, or mice, they don’t often put a lot of thought into their needs concerning habitat and nutrition. The reason for this is likely the modern pet store, which features a group of animals for adoption alongside a variety of cages and pre-packaged…

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