Work with Your Veterinary Clinic in Dartmouth: New Pet Care

new pet care in Dartmouth

Bringing home a new puppy may be a very joyous occasion. However, before you bring home your new companion, you should educate yourself as much as possible on how to care for them properly. It requires more than just a bag of dry dog food and a basin of clean water, despite what some people…

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Anchor Animal Hospital in Massachusetts: Exercise and Feeding

exercise and feeding for pets in Massachusetts

The news is constantly filled with stories about pet food and its safety. It can be challenging for pet owners to determine which brands and types of food are optimal for cats and dogs. When it comes to proper pet care and food, your South Coast veterinarian will provide the greatest recommendations. As with human…

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Comprehensive Vet Care for Cats and Dogs: Vaccinations in MA

vaccinations in Massachusetts for pets

Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth is a good place to start if you want your cat or dog to have a good vet experience. Our services are relied upon by many pet owners in Fall River and throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Vaccines and preventatives against parasites like ticks and fleas are part of…

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Nutrition and Feeding for Overweight Pets in Massachusetts

overweight pets in Massachusetts

It has been shown that having a pet in the house can improve a person’s quality of life and even lengthen their lifespan. We give our pets the best of care, so it only seems fair that they receive the best of care from us. The internet is rife with recommendations for the “best dog…

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Dartmouth Vet Hospital Holiday Pet Safety Tips for Pet Owners

holiday pet safety tips during the winter

Many people consider their pets to be members of the family, and they include their pets in all sorts of family activities, including holiday planning and celebrations. Even though many people across the country will be celebrating the holidays in a slightly different way this year, there will still be plenty of opportunities for pets…

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Caring for Pets When Not at Home: South Coast Veterinarian

caring for pets when not at home in Massachusetts

The majority of pet owners in Dartmouth take their animals with them wherever they go, be it a trip to the park or the beach or even a trip out of town. Though there are times of the year and circumstances where it’s best to leave your pets at home, there are times when it’s…

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The Advantages of Taking Your Pet to an Accredited Animal Hospital

Dog at Animal Hopital Receiving Care

On one hand, animal hospitals have access to state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained staff who can provide comprehensive care for your beloved pet. But on the other hand, these facilities can be expensive, and sometimes your pet may not need all of the bells and whistles that come with a trip to the animal hospital.…

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Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth: MA Vaccination Schedule

vaccination schedule for pets in MA

Vaccinations against widespread, potentially fatal diseases should be a standard part of veterinary care for all cats and dogs. Vaccinations for cats and dogs are required in the state of Massachusetts at different ages, beginning with the very young. Visiting your trusted veterinarian is the best way to learn about the vaccination requirements in Massachusetts,…

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New Bedford Pet Owners: Initial Veterinary Check-up for Pets

new pet veterinary checkup

Some animals may suffer from anxiety during their scheduled veterinary checkups. Understanding when to visit your vet in Southeastern Massachusetts for a checkup can help you save money. Our veterinary hospital on the South Coast provides comprehensive care for pets, from routine exams and vaccinations to advanced dental care and long-term treatment plans for chronic…

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Veterinary Care and Vaccination Requirements in Westport, MA

veterinary care in westport

Prolonged health for your pet is possible through regular visits to the vet and attentive home care. Exams from the veterinarian, vaccinations, preventative services, and even dental care for pets are all part of a holistic plan for a long and happy life. Get to know the Dartmouth animal hospital staff well and work together…

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