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caring for pets when not at home in MassachusettsThe majority of pet owners in Dartmouth take their animals with them wherever they go, be it a trip to the park or the beach or even a trip out of town. Though there are times of the year and circumstances where it’s best to leave your pets at home, there are times when it’s best to bring them along. Some examples include spending a long time in a hot car or taking a trip to a destination that does not allow pets. Many of our patients come to us on their worst days after experiencing traumatic events, such as the ones we treat as an emergency vet hospital and veterinary clinic. When leaving town, we recommend asking a trusted friend, relative, or neighbor to keep an eye on your pet, or looking into pet boarding options in Dartmouth.

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Before you take your pet on a trip or leave them at a boarding facility, call Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth to make sure they are healthy enough to travel. We can provide you with a record of your pet’s most recent vaccinations and boosters, which is something that the boarding facility or your hotel will require. If you live in Dartmouth or the surrounding area and need your pet checked out before a trip or before boarding, we can help. If you need suggestions for local boarding options, please ask a member of our staff. But if there’s nothing available when you need it, read on for advice on finding a great boarding school in your area.

SEE IT FOR YOURSELF – Sometimes, a pet boarding facility’s first impression is the best way to tell if it’s right for you and your pet. A boarding facility, despite housing numerous animals, should be neat and unmistakably pet-friendly. Inquire about a tour of the facility so you can see where your pet would be housed and get a feel for the facility’s routine, staff, and procedures. There are a variety of facilities that you may be able to see on your tour, including indoor and outdoor running tracks, dorms, and workout rooms. As you make your way through the building, keep an eye out for things like adequate ventilation, consistent heating and cooling, and adequate lighting.

DO A SAFETY CHECK – Each boarding facility should have its own safety and security programs. Jumpers, climbers, and diggers can be contained with the help of fencing, gates, run dividers, and other barriers. Separators between cages help keep boarded animals from socializing with one another, and locked cabinets and cabinets with toxic substances keep animals safe.

MAKE SURE PETS ARE SUPERVISED – Many boarding schools have staff on-site at all times. To ensure that your loved one receives the care they need while you’re away, make sure there is a team of trained professionals on hand to monitor for any signs of illness. Inquire about the care policies, including whether or not you can get in touch with your regular vet or an emergency veterinary clinic. Pet owners in Dartmouth can rest assured that their furry friends will receive loving care while they’re away.

Even though making a good first impression by looking and smelling clean is crucial, it is also important that the entire building is clean. Embedded dirt, feces, urine, parasites, and odors have no place in a clean and sanitary boarding facility. Enclosures, runs, exercise areas, and anywhere else pets may frequent should adhere to stringent sanitation protocols to ensure they remain clean at all times. It’s important to have a regular feeding and cleaning routine in place, as well as fresh, clean water in individual containers for each pet.

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Get in touch with the Dartmouth facility ahead of time to find out what supplies you can and should bring for your pet’s stay. You should insist on bringing your pet’s food to prevent any stomach or feeding issues while you’re gone and be prepared to show proof of vaccinations and veterinary care for your pet if requested. In addition, any necessary prescription medications and their accompanying instructions should be supplied. Bringing familiar items like bedding and toys for your pet can help them feel more at ease while you’re away. In some buildings, you won’t be able to bring in certain things that could pose a problem with hygiene. Ask your vet at Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth for advice if you need it. Our mission is to provide lifetime care for your pet that is both high-quality and reliable. You can reach our staff at 508-996-3731 for answers to your questions, appointment scheduling, and South Coast area pet boarding recommendations.