Boarding Pets in Dartmouth: Vacationing Tips for Pet Owners

boarding pets in DartmouthMost Dartmouth pet owners like to take their pets with them everywhere – to the store, on trips to the beach, and even on vacation. However, there are certain times of the year and specific situations when it is best to leave your pets at home. Hot vehicles, long road trips, and vacations to areas where pets are not welcome are just a few examples. As a vet clinic and emergency veterinary hospital, we see many of our patients on their worst days after accidents and other situations have occurred. In our experience, it can be better to have a trusted family member or neighbor take care of your pet or to consider boarding pets in Dartmouth when you need to go out of town.

Visit the Vet Before You Go

Whether you take your pet with you on a trip or board them somewhere in the local area, schedule an appointment with Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth first. We can provide you with an up-to-date vaccination and booster record, which will likely be required by the boarding facility or anywhere you might be staying. We can also perform a complete health check to ensure that your pet is in good condition for travel or boarding pets in Dartmouth and the surrounding area. Speak with our staff for recommendations on boarding facilities in the local area. However, if nothing is available during the time that you require assistance, take a look at the tips below on how to choose a top boarding facility near you.

APPEARANCE – Sometimes, your first impression is the best way to determine if a boarding facility is right for you and your pet. Even though there are lots of animals present, a boarding facility should look and smell clean. Ask about taking a tour to see where your pet would be kept and to learn more about the staff, methods, and schedule so you’ll know what to expect. Indoor runs, outdoor runs, sleeping areas, exercise spaces – these are areas that you might be able to see on your tour. Look for proper ventilation, year-round temperature control, and comfortable lighting as you go through the facility.
SAFETY & SECURITY – Each boarding facility should have its own safety and security programs to help keep pets safe and prevent them from getting loose or lost during their stay. Fencing, gates, run dividers, and other methods are often used to prevent jumpers, climbers, and diggers from escaping. Other safety features often include dividers between enclosures to prevent interactions with other boarded pets and secured areas to keep pets away from harmful chemicals and other dangerous items.
SUPERVISION – Many boarding facilities keep staff on-site 24 hours a day to ensure proper supervision at all times. Ensure that there are trained and experienced staff to look for symptoms of health issues so they can receive proper care while you are away. Ask about policies for care, including access to an emergency veterinary hospital or possible contact with your trusted veterinarian. Dartmouth pet owners should feel safe and secure that their pets will be cared for properly while they are away.
SANITATION – While looking and smelling clean is an important first impression, the facility’s sanitation as a whole is essential. A clean and sanitary boarding facility should be free from accumulated dirt, feces, urine, parasites, and odors. Strict sanitation procedures should be in place to keep enclosures, runs, exercise areas, and other places where pets will be present clean on a daily basis. Fresh, clean drinking water should be provided in individual containers, and an established feeding and cleaning schedule for each pet should be in place.

Things to Bring to Boarding

Speak with the facility about the items that you can and should bring with you when boarding pets in Dartmouth. Your pet’s vaccination and veterinary records will likely be requested, and you should insist on bringing your own pet food to avoid any stomach or feeding issues while you are gone. Any prescription medications, along with instructions, should also be provided. Pet bedding and toys can often help pets to be comforted while you are away, so make sure to ask about what you are allowed to bring. Some facilities have rules against certain items that might make sanitation more challenging to maintain. If you are not sure about anything, contact your trusted vet at Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth. Our goal is to provide quality and consistent care for you and your pets throughout their lifetime. Call our team at 508-996-3731 with any questions, to schedule an appointment, or to get recommendations for boarding pets in the South Coast area.