Best Safety Gear for Pet Owners in Southeastern Massachusetts

pet safety gear in southeastern massachusettsCollars, leashes, and harnesses – oh my! There are so many choices when it comes to finding the best safety gear for walking and transporting your pet. Seasonal pet tips offer insight into beneficial products that can help to keep your pet safe. Avoid a trip to the Dartmouth emergency vet this spring by making sure that your pet has a proper collar or harness and the appropriate leash for their size, breed, and personality. Pet owners in Southeastern Massachusetts should also consider setting up an appointment for an annual check-up at their local veterinarian in South Coast to ensure a clean bill of health for increased outdoor activity during the warmer weather.

Why Safety Gear Matters

While your pup might want to run free without a collar or a leash holding him back, the truth is that the risk is just too significant. Dogs who wander off or run around on their own will often get hit by a car, attacked by other dogs or wildlife, end up getting lost – or worse. Responsible pet owners in Southeastern Massachusetts need to do everything they can to protect their dogs, cats, and other pets from harm. The best way to do this is by making sure that they get regular check-ups at a trusted local veterinarian in South Coast, get all of their required vaccinations and preventive treatments, become registered with the city or county according to local laws, and wear a collar with their name, a phone number, and other essential contact information at all times.

Harnesses are helpful for certain breeds, as many will respond better when out for a walk without the collar pulling around their necks. A harness is also a great safety feature for a skinny dog or hyper pet that might otherwise pull themselves out of a traditional collar and run away. Many animal advocates also recommend micro-chipping to ensure that the pet can be identified even if they pull off their collar or a tag gets lost. You know your pet better than anyone else. As a result, it is your job to make smart choices on their behalf that will keep them safe and prevent a tragic trip to a local Dartmouth emergency vet. Read up on seasonal pet tips, which can also be used to keep your pet out of danger throughout the year and make you aware of hazards that are more prevalent during the spring, summer, fall or winter.

Types of Pet Collars

When you visit a local pet supply store or shop online, it can be a challenge to figure out what type of collar or harness would be best for your pet. Sizing can be a challenge as well. The standard collar for most pets is known in the industry as a “flat” collar. Made from a variety of materials, including nylon and other tough fabric hybrids, most of these collars feature a metal buckle or quick-release closure. Like other collars, you need to make sure that the fit is correct to ensure that your pet won’t be able to get it off but to also prevent it from being too tight to avoid any injury or discomfort. The best rule of thumb is to make sure you can easily fit two fingers under the collar easily.

Choosing a Leash

The size and type of leash that you want is also essential. Pet owners in Southeastern Massachusetts may choose a leash because they think it looks cool or that matches the collar they found at the pet store, but the length of the leash and the material that it is made of really matters. Extendable, flexible or retractable leashes are quite popular, providing your pup a bit of room to stop and sniff a fire hydrant so you can keep your walking pace. However, these can be quite dangerous, especially if you are in a crowded or tight space, such as a veterinary clinic or pet store. Leather and nylon leashes are usually the best bet for most pets. Most state laws and local dog parks specify that your leash should be no longer than six feet.

Keep your pet safe this spring and all year round by bringing them in for a check-up with a reputable veterinarian in South Coast. Anchor Animal Hospital has provided quality care to pets in the Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island region since 1975. Our veterinary team is highly trained, skilled, and experienced. We believe in compassion and provide each client with personalized and professional attention. Call today at 508-996-3731 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our Dartmouth emergency vet hospital.