Autumn – A Very Special Kitten at Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth

photo by South Coast Today

A few weeks ago a local resident brought in a kitten named Autumn for treatment of a back limb that was severely injured. While the injury was not bleeding at the site, it was obvious that there was a fracture. Upon learning the extent of the kitten’s injuries and the cost associated with providing the care that it needed to fully recover, the owners relinquished custody so she could get the best possible emergency care.

Our receptionist Katelyn, who was there when the kitten was first brought into Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth for emergency vet services, has sort of taken Autumn under her wing. Initially doctors reset and cast her leg, but it still wouldn’t heal. A couple of weeks ago, her leg was amputated and the kitten has made a remarkable recovery, playing and eating as if nothing ever happened.

According to Dr. Kate Pietch, this isn’t the first time that the veterinary surgical specialists at Anchor have treated an animal in this situation. In fact, just this past year, Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth has saved the lives of nine different animals that faced life-threatening injuries. Each was placed in a brand new “Forever Home” following recovery. In the case of Autumn, special care will need to be given to ensure that the kitten maintains good mobility and joint health to stay pain-free through a healthy diet, supplements and regular vet check-ups. The kitten has also been microchipped and spayed.

Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth specializes in veterinary care and emergency vet services for pets all throughout the South Coast region. Our team of veterinary surgical specialists and experience working with surgery and pain management for pets has made us a leader in quality pet care in Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Anchor Animal Hospital has been providing veterinary services in Dartmouth, Massachusetts since 1975 and was even one of the first veterinary hospitals in the area to bring ultrasound and other now common services and treatments into veterinary practice.

If you are interested in learning more about adopting Autumn or about the emergency vet services and regular health care provided at Anchor Animal Hospital, please give us a call at 508-996-3731 or visit our location in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

By the time you read this, Autumn may have been adopted. Please call to find out her adoption status.