Annual Veterinary Check-up with a South Coast Veterinarian

annual veterinary check-up in MAYour pet’s well-being depends on regular visits to the veterinarian in South Coast. In addition to feeding and exercising your pet, it’s important to make sure they’re in good health by visiting your local Dartmouth animal hospital every year for a check-up. Since 1975, the veterinarians at Anchor Animal Hospital have given the South Coast’s cats and dogs with exceptional Fall River pet care services. Depending on your pet’s specific needs, our team of highly skilled, experienced, and compassionate professionals can provide everything from emergency care to continuous treatments, senior care, and sophisticated dentistry.

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Most people visit their primary care physician once a year to make sure everything is in order. Annual visits to the doctor allow doctors to catch minor disorders before they become major ones, helping the patient to avoid more harsh measures in the future by receiving medicine, treatment, or medical advice. The same holds true for cat and dog veterinary treatment. Because pets age seven times faster than people, skipping an annual checkup with your South Coast veterinarian is the equivalent of delaying medical care for 14 years! A lot can happen in a short period of time that pet owners may not be aware of.

A yearly trip to the Dartmouth animal hospital is essential for your pet’s health. Regular vet visits may be necessary for pets who suffer from health issues such as type 2 diabetes or heart disease. Veterinarians have the expertise to assist you determine the best time to visit your pet. It’s possible to plan your pet’s immunizations around his or her routine and the area in which he or she will be living. In addition to routine vaccinations, canines that go to dog parks, doggie daycare, or go on road trips with their owners may need additional vaccinations.

South Coast Veterinarian Appointments

Bringing your pet in for a checkup at our Dartmouth animal hospital means that your pet will undergo a full physical examination. Our veterinarians will ask you a few basic questions about your pet’s lifestyle, the food they eat, and we will take some basic measurements, such as weight and pulse, to ensure that your pet is healthy. When you see your own doctor, you can expect your pet’s veterinary care to be comprehensive, including all of the essential vital signs and cues. Your pet’s overall health is determined by a variety of factors, including its temperature, weight, and other data. We can perform more specialized testing, including as fecal tests, blood tests, and scans, right here at Anchor Animal Hospital, so you’ll get your results faster.

The following are possible additional services that you might receive at a veterinary visit:

  • updates on immunizations or a check-up to see if any have expired
  • urine, fecal, and blood tests – as well as any tests specific to your pet’s lifestyle
  • physical appearance, such as the eyes, ears, coat and limbs and feet of parasites, issues regarding digestion
  • check for fleas, ticks, mites, heartworms, and digestive problems
  • questions concerning food and drink use, brand names and amounts, as well as how the breath, gums, and teeth smell
  • behavioral difficulties, such as a lack of exercise or an unhealthy diet

Make an appointment for Fall River pet care services with your veterinarian in advance if you have any queries or concerns regarding your pet’s health. Do not wait until your pet’s annual veterinary check-up if you have urgent concerns about your pet. Get in touch with our office immediately away by phone. The staff at our emergency Dartmouth animal hospital is ready to assist you with any questions you may have and to assess whether or not your pet needs immediate care or can wait for a planned visit.

Does your pet have medical insurance?

Increasing numbers of pet owners are seeking financial aid to fund emergency care, diagnostic testing, surgeries, medications, and treatment. All pet insurances are accepted at our Dartmouth veterinary clinic, but we strongly recommend Trupanion to our clients. In addition to comprehensive coverage, this policy offers a “Direct Pay” service that allows you to pre-qualify for pre-determined co-payment alternatives so that you will know how much the co-pay would be for any covered incident. The deductible can be adjusted to suit your financial needs, making this an affordable alternative for pet owners of all income levels. You may learn more about the payment options we take for Fall River pet care services by visiting the Payment Options page on our website.

Make an appointment at the Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth for a veterinarian exam. We are a full-service veterinary clinic that treats both cats and dogs, offers cutting-edge dental care, and is always on call in case of an emergency. To talk with a member of our veterinary staff, please contact us at 508-996-3731. Any inquiries you may have about our services or how to set up an appointment can be answered by us.